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Purpose For Mastermind
We help members to develop and implement systems which will help all of us to develop profitable community & business partnerships.  We all have so many connections that we are not tapping into as well as we should / could be.  We strive to take all our passions and all our connections and blend those together to help all of us achieve far more together than we ever could on our own.

Why We Started The Group
It seemed to us that there were a lot of networking groups out there which . . . well . . . kind of brought people together to exchange fish, so to speak, with one another.  What we wanted to do is to form a group of people who are totally committed to building systems which would help each member earn a lot more money, work less hours, have less stress and improve their life balance.  

Day & Time & Location

- Every Thursday - 6:00 am (pt), 7:00 am (mt), 8:00 am (ct), 9:00 am (et)
- Conference calling number - 1-857-216-6700 - Access Code: 810180
- Webinar Access: www.RavingFan.net

- NONE - Members have found the most interesting thing.  Those you Pay It Forward and make a commitment to contribute weekly gain the most value.  It's also interesting that those who contribute more seem to gain more value.  


White Papers
Scott Recommends

Online Courses
Scott Recommends

Unlocking Your Client
How many referrals are you losing due to not having a referral development system?


Unlocking Your Client
This nine week online course will help us to develop systems to create RAVING FAN clients.  


Discover My Life Vision
How valuable would it be to discover our own Life Vision, why we put on this planet.  This free short video will provide direction on how to do this with less than one hour of your time.

Profitable Partnerships. .WIN
Are you looking for ways to generate more and better leads and much greater profits


$ales Max
Develop turnkey system which help us to develop a consistent sales machine.


Career Success
Discover Career Success and Life Success all at the same time.  The application of Natural Laws to my career.  

12 Ways To Grow Your Business
Mastermind Partnerships & CBP has developed a most interested working white paper with one new tip a month . . .


Increasing Sales
This course will teach us to ask better questions and develop systems to convert more prospects into clients.


Additional White Papers

I am actively involved with The Vision Project network which provides an invaluable worldwide network for myself and my partners. 

. . . Additional White Papers

Additional Personal & Professional Courses

I am actively involved with The Vision Project network which provides an invaluable worldwide network for myself and my partners.  

. . . Additional Courses


What is your Life Vision?



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