Are You Confused By Your Clients . . . At Times?

All training is online. Any representation of material is presented to assist you to understand what you will be receiving through online training only. No materials will be sent to you as you will have access to everything 24/7 directly online.

Is there really a secret to understanding our clients?

Is there a hidden key to unlocking the potential from each of our clients?

Are we as CPA's working too many hours because of our own lack of understanding of people?

I believe that when you read “Unlocking Your Client” you  will find, as I have, that through a deeper understanding of Personality Masteries that not only will you understanding your clients better but you will see yourself in a very different light as well.

Do you ever get the feeling deep down that you and/or your firm are not achieve your full potential?

This book will . . .

  • Help better understand myself
  • Better understand our clients
  • Learn the science / DNA of people
  • Learn how to better connect
  • Improve communication
  • Improve referrals
  • Understand employees and help employees learn to get more from themselves
  • Learn to get more from your time
  • Earn more money through the
    5 Time Management Free Fighters
  • . . . and a whole lot more


Book Outline
Introduction: Imagine . . .

Chapter 1:
You must first Unlock Yourself
(but don't throw away the key)

Chapter 2:
Analytic - The Client with
All the Facts and Figures

Chapter 3:
Driver - Is there a Client that is
More Task Driven than You?


Chapter 4:
Expressive - Should you
Have Fun with this Client?


Chapter 5:
Amiable - Ah, this Client has
a Hard Time with Decisions!


Chapter 6:
Is this Client even Un-lockable?

Chapter 7:
Coming Full Circle


Conclusion and Taking Action



My Story

Hi, my name is Scott Allred and I have been a CPA for 23 years and have own my own successful cloud based accounting for 18 years.

When I went through the Personality Masteries certification course, I have to say that I've never been through anything like this in my life.  It's like it opened my eyes to a whole new world I knew was out there, I just didn't know how to discover.  

When I asked the founder of Personality Masteries to co-author a book specifically for CPA;  he gladly said “Yes.”  The journey of writing this book filled me full of insight and joy beyond anything I can describe.  It's not making too bold of a statement when I say “It's almost like I've discover my soul, my very reason for being put on this earth.”

I don't know if this book will have has much significance to you and your life as it has had on my life, but that was my goal in writing the book.  I want to share with you, and you in turn will experience your own life changing journey.

You Can Help Me
I am actively working on certifying this book for CPE  (continuing professional education) and other training which was developed in the writing of this book.

To do that, I believe I need CPA's from around the country or even the world to endorse the concept and training as something that is very important and valuable for a  CPA to learn.

I am putting together a special seven week course that I would like you to attend for no charge.  All I need is for you to do is complete this short survey and I will have my team pass along the information for when the seven week course will start.  

Each lesson is only 30 minutes and you will have the option of participating in the lesson live through a conference call / webinar or you can listen to the rebroadcast of the lesson 24/7.

Quick Test

Ask yourself,

1. Which of these four shapes would I tend to like most, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?
 __ Cube,  __ Pyramid, __ Wavy Line,  __ Ball

2. Which of the following things would cause me the most frustration, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?
 ___ Not being done properly and in order
 ___ Out of control
 ___ Boring or not fun
 ___ Conflict with others


If you chose the “Cube” or “Not being done properly and in order”
then we would tend to refer to you as an “Analytic” personality type.

If you chose the “Pyramid” or “Out of control” then we would
tend to refer to you as an “Driver” personality type.

If you chose the “Wavy Line” or “Boring or not fun” then we
would tend to refer to you as an “Expressive” personality type.  

If you chose the “Ball” or “Conflict with others” then we would
tend to refer to you as an “Amiable” personality type.

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