What is your Life Vision?

2. Vision

What is our personal vision, our vision for our career, for our business, for our marriage, for our children?

Did you know there was
a science behind really discovering our vision?

Do you know how powerful it is to relationships, careers, businesses when we
help someone else discover their vision?

The Vision Project
helps us to:

1. Discover our own personal vision.

2. Help others around us to discover their vision.

3. Assist us to connect our visions together.

4. Assist individuals, companies and organizations to determine the specific actions required to achieve our Life Vision i.e. our full potential in every area of our life.

5. Equips us with the knowledge, tools, systems, processes, coaching, and networks to achieve our full potential.

By joining a master
mind group we're able
to connect with other like minded individuals who share similar passions
to change the world in which we live.

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Taking Personal Ownership . . .

Have you found that we tend to change a lot faster, see a great deal of more success, and have far more control over our future when we take personal ownership? We also learn how to have zero defensiveness through the Grandpa Boersma Principle. Do you really believe that we can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own? See the benefit of last weeks mastermind group and how it could open the door for more business through military connections for each one of us. ($39.95)

The Huge Benefit to being Frustrated . . .

Do you like being frustrated? Did you know you actually have total control over your frustration? We also cover in greater detail the 5/30 Grid and how that can connect into the Rings Of Influence. How do different personalities respond to one another and to situations? A great session with a lot of learning. ($39.95)



The discovery of our Life Vision . . .

What are your dreams and goals? What are you passionate about? How do we take our passions and discover our life vision from those passion? How do we connect our life vision into the life vision of those around us? How are we doing on the Life Balance Wheel? (free) Live session is on Monday's 6:30 pm (edt), 5:30 pm (cdt), 4:30 pm (mdt), and 3:30 (pdt). 218.862.7200 - Access Code: 473678



The Little Elephant Principle . . . - Overview

Have you ever had a negative experience that caused you to avoiding trying that same things again? We'll learn today that often as we grow in our experience that we can do things that we could not do in the past. We cover the crab in a bucket principle and learn how to not be limited by those around us. Rings of Influence is a powerful model which helps us understand at a deep level how to see success and build greater success for those around us. ($39.95)


What we sow we also reap. . . . - Overview

Have you ever felt that you invested a lot into something or someone and then received back a very low return on your investment? We'll learn so much in today's session about building bridges from challenges to solutions, rings of influence, feeding successes from Area 4: Servicing backo into Area's 1, 2, and 3. We also look at what is holding us back and the science to turning that around. ($39.95)


What is the secret to motivating people? . . . - Overview

We're not sure what is more amazing . . . the answer to this question or the source of where the answer came from. Have you ever felt that some people were stuck and didn't want to get out? We'll learn about the Crab in the Bucket Principle and who we can get stuck and never even know it. Connect the belief system into The NEXT Dimension Principle, mix in the 5 T's and the 5 H's, and what do you get? Some pretty amazing things. Do you know the 9 specific things that can build belief? You will enjoy this lesson a lot. ($39.95)


25 Year Value Transfer System . . . Overview

How do we effectively transfer our values to the next generation? How do we discover the best values and then insure that those values go through our entire team? Life Masteries Institute 25 Year Value Transfer system is a precise way to transfer those values which are most important to everyone on our team. When we learn to combine the 25 Year Value Transfer system to the 5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries + Natural Laws we see much stronger success. ($39.95)



Becoming a Producer vs. Consumer . . . Overview

What would happen to our companies, our careers, if everyone on the team was producing far more than they were consuming? When we, as a team, all learn how to produce far more than we consume we will see much greater success. Add to the mix of the 5/30 Grid and Personality Masteries and we directly see what actions we need to take to become a higher producing professional. ($39.95)




Do you have a BOS - Business Operating System for your business? . . . Overview

Every successful company has a BOS - Business Operating System and the stronger and better that system is the more profitable our business will be. When we build the foundation of our BOS on Personality Masteries and the 5/30 Grid we will see much greater success in less time with less effort. We also cover in this session "Why Prospects Are Lost" and how to take all five areas and blend them together to create a strategy which will reduce the number of prospects that we generate but do not close. ($39.95)



Natural Law Library . . . Overview

There are hundreds of natural laws which help us to see success in every area of our life. When we help others learn these natural laws not only do we help others around us to see greater success but we will see greater success as well. Life Masteries Institute and Career Success are life/business changing systems which will help every individual/company which applies the system to see greater success. ($39.95)



Claim All Unclaimed Territory . . . Overview

6 Minutes To Success . . . ."Claim All Unclaimed Territory" is one of the two natural laws which helped Tom Kunz become President of a world wide organization. Learn how to partner with others and non profit organizations to see greater success. Learn how to leverage the natural laws to see greater success in the implementation of each and every system. ($39.95)



Asking for referrals in a way to . . . get them! . . . Overview

Is there a secret way to "Ask For Referrals?" Is there a system, a process, a way to generate more and better referrals from our current clients. We drill into how asking for referrals [Box 7] connects back into many other key areas within the 5/30 Grid. Learn how to capture successes [Box 12] and feed those successes into Marketing, Pre-Sales, and The Sale. ($39.95)



Revenue Triangle - Part 3 . . . Overview

Simple To Complex To Simple Principle is the secret to taking very complex principles and making them easy to understand and use. This is so important to growth and moving to the NEXT Dimension. In these more advanced lessons we learn how to combine the natural laws to see greater success in less time with less effort. This one will blow your mind! ($39.95)



Box 4 and the Revenue Triangle - Part 2 . . . Overview

In this amazing session, we drill deeper into the Revenue Triangle and look at how to leverage "Area 4: Servicing" and Box 12 - Feed Successes Into 1, 2, and 3. This session will excite and motivate you to dig deep into all five areas and see how they all connect and bring benefit to one another. Learn out to capture the successes of our RAVING FAN clients and then use technology and media to get those messages out to the masses. We are seeing right before our eyes the application of the 3 for 1 Principle (The ability to get 3 hours back for every 1 hour we invest) and how that will help us all earn a lot more income, work a lot less hours, have less stress, and have a much more balanced life . . . ALL DUE TO implementing the best BOS - Business Operating System. ($39.95)


Box 4 and the Revenue Triangle - Part 1 . . . Overview

Have you ever wondered if there was some secret you might be missing to getting your business to run without you? Are you looking to connect all areas of business together to see more amazing results? The revenue triangle was discovered in this session by Michael Ratchford and we think it will blow your mind as it did ours. It's taking Box 4 - Ask Key Questions and launching that into some things that will help you to see new and exciting potential in all areas of your business. ($39.95)


Part 3 Rock Solid Cornerstone - Mastery of Boxes 1 through 6 . . . Overview

"Is Part 3 really needed?" you may be asking. It's actually a great question as there are individuals involved in this session who have been working on the six cornerstone boxes for over 20 years and feel that they need to learn something as we drill deep into the core of success for the 5/30 Grid. We'll learn how to build a bridge between the questions we asked/answers we get to our solutions. This is how we earn money is by presenting a solution to the challenges our prospects/clients face each and every day. (60min)


Part 2 Rock Solid Cornerstone - Mastery of Boxes 1 through 6 . . . Overview

Have you ever thought you had something down really good, only to try applying it and then "failed?" In a way, the six cornerstone boxes are fairly easy and in another way, the more we know about them the more we know we do not know. It's important to go through these boxes over and over and over, again and agian and again until we are sure that we have mastered them. DO NOT move forward with the next boxes in the 5/30 Grid until you have the cornstone, the foundational six boxes rock sollid in your business. (60min)


Rock Solid Cornerstone - Mastery of Boxes 1 through 6 - Overview

Have you ever thought you really had something down pretty well only to find out that you were actually missing some really important information? In this lesson we pull together the first six boxes in the 5/30 Grid and share how all of the cornerstone boxes connect to each other and how they are the foundation to building the entire 5/30 Grid. The 5/30 Grid is the DNA to any successful Business Operating System. One of the best benefits to the 5/30 Grid is that we can share what we learn from this lesson with every other B2B - Business To Business prospect, client, and/or referral partner. ($39.95)



Group People & Messages - Overview

Do you find that it is amazing how many people have challenges with not having enough time in their day? Have you ever found that there are times where you can just modify the way you work and it gives you a lot more time. When we group people and messages together in the right way, we not only generate more and better leads but also do it in less time with less effort as well. Great session with deep learning not all for Box 6 but how Box 6 fully integrates into the entire 5/30 Grid. ($39.95)


Implement Strategic 10+ Strike - Overview

What is the fastest way for most companies to double their profit? If we improve our sales closing ratio by just closing 1 more lead out of 10, we can often increase our profits by 200% to 300%. When we have a system which touches our prospects weekly for ten weeks and then forever, we will convert more leads with a whole lot less effort. Box 5 is one of the most challenging for a company to build and one of the most important and profitable. Advanced group coaching session also covers a lot of other questions as it relates to full integration for all 30 boxes within the 5/30 Grid. ($39.95)



Ask Key Questions - Overview

Do you know why people buy from you? Most people think it's because they are an amazing sales person, or maybe it's because we have a great product or service, or maybe we have a great price. While all those things are great, the reason people buy from you and are impressed by you, is the questions you ask. If someone says "That's a great question!" three times, the general rule is they will buy anything from you. There is a science to asking great questions and we will talk, in detail today, on how to best learn how to do that. We will also share in more details how this box connects into many of the other boxes in the 5/30 Grid which adds power to our entire Business Operating System. ($39.95)


Three thought leaders share some amazing things. - Overview

Now that we have Box 1 and 2 moving we learn how to take Box 3 and connect the dots. One reason this session is so powerful is that it takes other boxes throughout the entire 5/30 Grid and integrates them into the corner stone of the 5/30 Grid. When this lesson is applied it gives us the cornerstone to getting our business to run without us. World wide thought leaders have been amazing as to how deep the knowledge is from this lesson but yet how easy it is to take action and follow through. This is an advanced lesson so be prepared to be overwhelmed in a positive way. ($39.95)


Three thought leaders share some amazing things. - Overview

It's always exciting to learn something new. It's even more exciting when we take action on what we learn and make money from the application of that knowledge. Tom, Mike, and Mark, not only share the the critical importance of learning how to develop and deliver a message but you'll also experience a special part of the session where they just do it. You could actually take that segment of what they've done and use it to build resources by partnering up with colleges/students to help the students learn and gain access into the market place and will help you grow you business without any costs. This session could give you a lot more resources without increasing your costs at all. We also cover the "Point of Entry" Principle in detail as well as how to integrate Box 1 - Identify Targets in the best possible way with Box 2 - Develop and Deliver A Message. ($39.95)



What do you get when three world thought leaders get together . . . - Overview

Some very interested in things without a question. Tom, Mike, and Mark all have some very interesting world experiences that help them all to see things in a little different light. Take their three perspectives and combine it with the 5/30 Grid and you will gain some very interesting insights into business, making more money, working less hours, having great balance in every area of your life, and how to use/leverage systems to do this faster and more effectively. In today's session we get starting with the corner stone of every business which is "Identify Targets" Box 1 of the 5/30 Grid. It's getting our database whipped in shape to position it to be a tool which will change the way we do business forever. ($39.95)

Do you or others around you struggle with maintaining consistency? - Overview

This session will leave your head spinning as Mark Boersma, Tom Kunz (Past President of Century 21), and Michael Ratchford discuss the importance of maintaining consistency in your business and life. Find out how the 5/30 grid can help you build systems and tools to gain the consistency you need. Michael Ratchford also gives tips and ideas on how to pinpoint the pain in your customer's business which can help you, help them to find the weaknesses they have and overcome them. Tom Kunz also give some great insight on how to branch outside of the norm and build referrals in areas most business people would never have thought of. These pieces of insight could help you gain an extra 4-5 prospects a month or more. 10 minutes of instruction and 50 minutes of Q&A, connections, building bridges, and much more. ($19.95)


Is it possible that with more data, our decision making may be worse? - Overview

Great questions on today session! How do I make great decisions when I do not have all the data? We learned that actually, the more data we have, it may actually, cause us to make weaker decisions. How does our personality tie into decision making? Success = Seed Reproduction Principle is mapped out to where we can take the success we have and reproduce it into massive successes. This session has so much great content that will blow your mind, we're guessing that you will go through it a couple of times and probably even want to go through it with some friends to get their feedback. ($19.95)



The Vision Project - Do you know how to motivate employees or co-workers? - Overview

Have you ever struggled with motivating those you work with? Do you get frustrated with the many projects you have and avoid taking more projects on to avoid being overwhelmed? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, than this session is crucial for you to listen to. This open group session dives into the key to getting employes/co-workers motivated. Not only will you accomplish motivating those around you in a fun and exciting way, you will also learn how to use the "Combination" Principle and be able to double the amount of work you get done with little to no effort on your part. Don't think this will work? Learn how one business owner was able to motivate a partner through shopping and developed a life-long relationship in addition to making a referral partner very happy! In addition to this, you will also learn why changing your state of mind to each individual situation is crucial to business, your relationships, and life. This session is not only filled with lots of key information but is filled with fun as the group dives into learning how to overcome their biggest challenges. ($19.95)


The Vision Project - Do you feel overwhelmed? - Overview

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and unable to take anything new on? Have you ever told yourself if you took something new on, it would just make things worse? This incredible session gives perspective on how sort through what are excuses and what the truth is when it comes to taking on new responsibilities or finding solutions to our very busy schedules. Learn how and why different personalities make different excuses and how they can overcome them. Included in this lesson are several principles you may not have heard before that can explain how some individuals have success and others don't such as in the "Golden Child" principle. "The Man in the Pit with the Ladder" principle gives insight into why certain individuals fear success so much that they may even sabotage things perhaps without knowing it. Tom Kunz, past President of Century 21, also goes into detail on the "Different hats" principle and how/when to use each of the hats you have. This session is filled with so much information and we can guarantee it will give you insight into your business that may be the small tweak you need to double your income. ($19.95)


The Vision Project -ADVANCE SESSION-
Are you only getting paid on 10 percent of your work? - Overview

"WARNING - - - THIS IS AN ADVANCED SESSION! Have you ever tracked your sales closing ratio? Do you realize that most people close about 1 out of 10 leads, which means you are losing 90% of your leads? Are you interested in changing just a couple of small things to double or even triple your sales closing ratio? This session drills into 15 specific things that can be done to convert more of the leads you receive. All 30 of the boxes in the 5/30 Grid are covered and how you leverage each part of Marketing, Pre-Sales, Sales, Servicing, and Client For Life together to create a business machine. Find out how to track your leads, improve the quality of your leads, improve the message you send out, obtain more referrals, and much more as we go deep into the 5/30 grid and find out the mathematical solution to finding and closing more leads. Also get some great insight on what a good quality lead is and where exactly to find one based off the industry you are in. There is so much in this session, you will have to listen several times to grasp all the information. Don't miss it!! 38 minutes of Instruction and 22 minutes of Q&A, role-playing, and insight into specific industries. Ideal for those how are experienced with the 5/30 Grid in detail. ($39.95)"


The Vision Project - Do you want to solve your biggest challenge?

What is your biggest challenge? What steps have you taken to overcoming your biggest challenge? Are these steps working? This session dives deep into the search of answers that many successful people have asked themselves. In addition to finding these answers, you will gain knowledge from some of the biggest challenges others are dealing with such as maximizing time. This is a powerful part of the session as Tom Kunz, past President of Century 21, and others on the call give insight into how to maximize your day and realizing the famous quote in "If you believe you can or if you believe you can't...either way you're right!" Tips on increasing your sales closing ratio and how the idea of "gaining more leads" is not the answer. Find out which questions your sales people should ask of themselves and others, how to double or triple your sales closing ratio, and much more in this whirlwind session of 16 minutes of instruction on finding answers to the biggest challenge in your life and 44 minutes of Q&A, Mach 1 principle, introduction to the "30 day challenge to freedom from time slavery," and much more! ($19.95)


The Vision Project - How much money are you losing due to your biggest challenge? - Overview

Have you ever figured out exactly how much money you are losing due to the biggest challenge you are dealing with? Have you tried to find a way to free yourself from your biggest challenge but feel like its a losing battle? In this session, you may find the answers you have been looking for as we explain the "30 day challenge," which will not only give you some suggestions on how to overcome your biggest challenge but also give you some fantastic tips to gaining an extra 20 hours a week. And yes, this is definitely possible! In addition to this, Tom Kunz, Past President of Century 21, also explains how to "claim all unclaimed territory" and how this one principle can not only give you freedom from fear but also help you accomplish your goals no matter how big they are. Learn to reduce your fear by learning how long the feeling of success lasts! This session is jam-packed and you will have to listen to it several times to gain all the wonderful benefit from it. ($19.95)


The Vision Project - Do you know how to get the "perfect"
testimonial from your clients? -
Have you ever created a great experience for a customer, but did not know how to reproduce it? Do you know how to get the "perfect" testimonial from your clients? This session gives you a step by step plan using the "Seed Reproduction" principle on how to not only get your customers to give you a testimonial, but also how to get a GREAT testimonial that you can send out to all your potential clients with very little work on your part. In addition, this session will give you the one question on how to capture an audience's attention when you do speaking engagements with follow up questions to not only keep them engaged but build their curiosity and cause them to feel a "need" to do business with you. Hear a new principle that will blow your mind called the "Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow" principle which gives intriguing insight on how to help others see the challenges they are dealing with while building a relationship and growing yourself. So much is packed into this session, that you will want to listen to it over and over again in order to catch everything! 7 minutes of instruction and 55 minutes of Q&A, introduction of new principles and learning of how to use these principles in your business, and a whole lot more. ($19.95)

The Vision Project - Do you want to get rid of your biggest challenge? - Overview
Have you ever tried getting rid of your biggest challenge? Do you know its not only possible to get rid of your biggest challenge but there is a science to helping your clients and those you care about to get rid of theirs as well? This session was one of the most incredible sessions you will ever take part of as you dive into a world of individuals who are seeking to get rid of their biggest challenges and how freeing it can be after you have accomplished this. In addition, one of the participants shares her exhilarating experience after using a delegation system and how she build it with very little effort on her part. Jam-packed into this session is also the Shrapnel principle, Satellite principle, and the Velcro principle and how these principles impact your business. If this were not enough, a head-spinning idea on frequencies and dimensions and how this could give you an answer to a struggling relationship or client base you are dealing with. 10 minutes of instruction and 50 minutes of Q&A, collaboration of ideas, networking, fun, and a whole lot more. You will not want to miss it! ($19.95)

The Vision Project - What's holding you back? - Overview
What is your biggest challenge? What is holding you back? If you had more powerful networks, systems, and thought processes would you see greater success? The first 7 minutes of this In this group coaching session talks about how may be one of the most powerful systems, tools, and networks available to you. WOW, this powerful 60 minute session covered too much to fully list it all. We talked about how to succeed in delegation, overcoming fear, the President Clinton Principle, Delayed Action/Result Principle, the Next Dimension Principle, how to best manage risks, and how to get a whole team on the same page moving in the same direction. ($19.95)













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