1. PEOPLE - Click Here

Obviously to see success in anything success with people is required.To really understand others we first need to understand ourselves. What are our strengths, weaknesses, what do we love, why, and what do we dislike, and why?Where are our passions, what is our Life Vision.Together we can accomplish so much more, than we ever could on our own.

2. VISION - Click Here

To accomplish anything of greatness, there needs to be a great vision. The Vision Project along with those educational institutions we participate in/with agree that it's not one person's vision but the combination of everyone's vision that creates success.


3. PROCESS - Click Here

When we use the 5/30 Grid or really any process that streamlines all that we're doing we move faster, we accomplish more, in less time, with less resources, i.e. seeing greater success.

4. PLANNING - Click Here

Imagine building a large building without the ability to use engineering. That is what so many people try to do with a large life vision.Within the Vision Project we are attracting the best and brightest minds to mind share the best ideas, tools, natural laws, and resources to accomplish those things required to accomplish one's Life Vision.

5. SYSTEMS - Click Here

When we systematize things we create the ability to leave a legacy, to reproduce ourselves, and to scale whatever we desire to reach 7 billion people around the world.










The Vision Project partners with educational institutions to assist those who are involved in this project receive college credit for what they learn and do.

One of the bachelor degrees available is the Bachelor Of Science in Entrepreneurialism.

Earn a degree while working, helping others, and even while you start your own company and/or non profit organization.

One of these organizations is Life Masteries Institute (LMI) which is an IRS approved 501c3 non profit organization.

Educational educations we are partnering with understand that the five areas in The Vision Project are all critical to the success for really any position.






















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