Jackman Allred

My Ideal Partnership
I enjoy working with those who are positive, creative and committed. I love a good synergy session leading to common goals of success and accomplishment. 

What I Bring To A Partnership
I believe I share a unique perspective through the eyes of poetry, laughter and fun. I love the challenge of sharing on a deeper level and just being real. In doing so my life is touched for the better and I believe this provides an open honest atmosphere leading to success.

How I Make Money - My Ideal Lead

Fulfill Dreams For Owning A Home - For over 20 years with passion and determination I have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of people with their Real Estate buy and sale needs. Because of the deep level of care and concern I have for others, I enjoy Residential real estate sales the very most. Helping others achieve the American dream of owning their own home is an honor that I don't take lightly. It's important to me to provide a deep level of experience honesty and integrity from start to finish. Also, I have an interior design background which serves my sellers well with staging, marketing and achieving top dollar for their home.

Legacy Partner Certification
- -   Speaker and certified to assist business owners in learning how to build a BOS - Business Operating Systems .  A strong BOS helps my partners to earn more money, work less hours, have less stress and have more life balance and fun in every area of their lives.  BOS help us to get our businesses to run without us.

White Papers
Brenna Recommends

Online Courses
Brenna Recommends

Learn how to get our business to run without us


Learn how to build a bigger engine, to increase income, reduce hours worked..


My Life Vision
To serve others with their life challenges by relating with my own personal experiences. Keeping my faith and family first while maintaining my integrity. To enjoy life and help others to do the same.

Unlocking Your Client
What would business be like to really unlock every client?


Unlocking Your Client
This 9 week course will help you to see your clients in a very different way.


My Story
Brenna like most of us, is still working on figuring out how amazing of a person she really is and how to share her gifts and talents with others.  We think you’ll find her story very interesting.

The Secret About Time
What Is The Secret To Gaining 20 Extra Hours A Week Of Totally Free Time?


Personality Masteries
Identify someone’s personality in 15 seconds!  The most amazing course!


My Journal
Some of the most interesting things I’ve discovered which have changed my life forever is as a result of being consistent in writing. I welcome feedback and thoughts and masterminding together.    

Profitable Partnerships. .WIN
Are you looking for ways to generate more and better leads and much greater profits


Profitable Partnerships
Build a system to develop Profitable Partnerships with a lot of individuals.



What is your Life Vision?



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