Lesson 4:  Connecting Your Systems With That Of Other Businesses

Do we think we have a lot more potential in building partnerships and better leveraging the networks for those in our networks?

E-VA's are masters at using their networks and helping us to better use our networks to gain more and better referrals.  E-VA's will help us to build systems which will attract the best people to us.  Our systems and our E-VA's will be working even when we aren't work. 

  • How to set up a Profitable Partnership system.
  • How to gain access to the 5,500 people the average business owner will know.
  • How to help those around me to build their own BOS.
  • Learn how to think faster, think in a different way AND take action quickly and consistently. 
Here is a great white paper which has been a benefit to others.  " Profitable Partnerships "

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How To Get The Most From An E-VA  
"Executive Virtual Assistant"
Lesson 1:  How To Best Use E-VA's
Lesson 2:  Where To Get Started
Lesson 3:  The Challenges Which Will Be Faced
Lesson 4:  Connecting Your Systems With That Of Other Businesses
Interesting Perspective / Experience
PDF Of  What E-VA's Have Put Together For Mark

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