Lesson 1:  How To Best Use E-VA's

Have you ever wondered how to give yourself more time?
Have you ever wondered how to clone yourself ?
Have you ever wondered how you could get your team to think in a very different way ?  
E-VA (Executive Virtual Assistants) are highly trained professionals who have been through the most advanced training in the world for developing and running your very own BOS - Business Operating System.  

  • Learn what questions you should be asking and not even know.  
  • Learn the best practices / steps to take prior to contracting with an E-VA firm.
  • Learn where to find the best E-VA firms.
  • Learn what you can really get done using E-VA firms.
  • Learn how to not make the mistakes that most owners / leaders make in contracting with E-VA firms.
  • Learn within The 5/30 Grid, what E-VA firms can do to bring magic to your business and life.
If we want more time, this is a great white paper to help us to learn to think about time in a very different way.  - The Secret About Time -

This one coaching lesson will start you on a journey which will change the way you do business and life.

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How To Get The Most From An E-VA  
"Executive Virtual Assistant"
Lesson 1:  How To Best Use E-VA's
Lesson 2:  Where To Get Started
Lesson 3:  The Challenges Which Will Be Faced
Lesson 4:  Connecting Your Systems With That Of Other Businesses
Interesting Perspective / Experience
PDF Of  What E-VA's Have Put Together For Mark

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