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What is your Life Vision?

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Obtain B2B and B2C Referrals . . . - Overview

Have you ever tried to raise money based on the donor's personality? It would be worth a try. When we learn how to communicate to someone based on their personality type they better understand what we are sharing and much more likely to give more and make a faster decision. We'll also learn how to reduce our sales cycle, better understand "Rings Of Influence," and gain insight into resources for building Profitable Partnerships. ($19.95)



Personality Based Marketing . . . - Overview

Have you ever tried to raise money based on the donor's personality? It would be worth a try. When we learn how to communicate to someone based on their personality type they better understand what we are sharing and much more likely to give more and make a faster decision. We'll also learn how to reduce our sales cycle, better understand "Rings Of Influence," and gain insight into resources for building Profitable Partnerships. ($19.95)

Personality Driven . . . - Overview

Have you ever noticed that people donate and/or volunteer for very different reasons and have you ever wondered if those reasons had anything to do with the different personality types of individuals? NEW - We introduce the Life Balance Wheel and connect that into our LIfe Vision and the Rings Of Influence. Pretty amazing sesions you will want to share with other people. ($19.95)

Why Prospects Are Lost . . . - Overview

Have you ever wished you could figure out a way to not lose donors and/or volunteers? Would you like a system which would help you determine why prospects are lost and then help to prevent that from happening in the future? We also talk about Rings Of Influence and how this helps leadership to realize how we are really much less important than we think we are and how it helps us to keep perspective. Dreams and Hope are also discussed and how to help others around us to realize their full potential. ($19.95)

Feed Successes back into 1, 2, and 3 - Overview

Have you ever wondered if there was something that you could do to increase donations and/or volunteers which would take very little time and money? Box 12 can take a 15 minutes a month to do and you can actually contact it out to someone to do it on your behalf. Why is this so effective? By taking those donors/volunteers who have had a successful experience and reproducing it, you create one of the most powerful marketing/sales tools available. ($19.95)


Send Monthly News Letters - Overview

Have you ever had the gut feel that you were missing a lot of potential as a result of not tapping into your current/past clients/donors? There are systems which can be put in place which will help us to do this automatically. Also discussed is the Lion King Principle and how it applies to community based organizations - business - as a country . . . really any area of our life. Drilled into more detail on how to master the concepts from Napoleon Hill in "Whatever the mind and conceive and believe, it can achieve." ($19.95)

Measure Results - Area 1: Marketing - Overview

Why is it so important to measure all our marketing efforts and results? Marketing is the front for everything we do in business and if we market improperly our costs for this mistake will continue throughout the entire company. Learning the advantages of tracking will also carry over to every other area and throughout everyone of the 30 boxes within the 5/30 Grid. ($19.95)

Bonus session - Overview

Interesting when amazing people get together and talk about changing the world. You'll enjoy this one. ($19.95)

Bonus session - Overview

This one has so much it went over by 20 minutes. We will let you be surprised by what you discover in this one. Enjoy (No cost for this one)

Master Present Solutions - Overview

Presentation of solutions is a critical set to raising funds from donors. We need to learn to present the solution based on the donors personality style. Too much to list from this session. One you will not want to miss. ($19.95)



Ask For Referrals - Overview

What is one of the best ways to generate great donor prospects with very little time and costs? It's through asking for referrals. When we learn to ask for referrals in the right way, at the right time, we will see greater success. We need to seek to put a referral development system in place which will automatically generate referrals for us in a systematic fashion. Leverage the Cluster Principle to see even greater success. Additional natural laws such as - SEE - UNDERSTAND - and DO, The NEXT Dimension, The Simple to Complex to Simple Principle, The Breaking Free make this session very unique. ($19.95)

Implement 10+ Strategic Strike - Overview

When we learn to implement a turn key system for following up with prospects we will convert more leads into donors for our worthwhile cause. We also pursue BOS - Business Operating System and how to build this in our own organization. After we ask key questions we need to build a bridge from the prospective donor to the solution we are able to provide as an organization. ($19.95)

Gaining Freedom in every area of our life. - Raising Funds For A Worthwhile Cause - Overview

Most organizations when they work to raise funds will "Present The Solution" without asking key questions. This is on of the fastest ways to lose those who will give money. It would be similar to a doctor giving you a prescription without doing an examination. Even if the doctor knew what was wrong, you would still lose trust. If you want to raise funds from individuals and/or companies the questions will raise a lot more questions than what you present after the questions are asked. DO NOT SKIP THIS SET! There are so many other things that the full session covers you'll want to take some time to really understand this lesson a deep way. ($19.95)


Level 3 - Group People & Messages - Raising Funds For A Worthwhile Cause - Overview

When we are seeking to raise money for a great cause we often forget that we need a system, as much, or maybe even more than a business does. This Box - Tracking 100% of leads is probably one of the boxes in the 5/30 Grid that often gets overlooked at great cost. If we track 999 leads out of 1,000 that 1 lead that we fail to track could could us literally over a million dollars. This is one of the easiest boxes to follow through on, and one of the easiest to drop and no one will notice. The full session we also cover exciting things like the Breaking Free model to help people see break throughs in their personal and professional lives. Other natural laws that we cover are - Dreams/Hope Principle - Reasons people do not do things and a whole lot more. ($19.95)


Gaining Freedom in every area of our life. - Overview

What does music have to do with business? When we combine the skill set/perspective from different sciences we start to understand The NEXT Dimension in a different way. We also understand that we are often held back and may not even know we are and/or why. The Breaking Free Model helps us to understand what enslaves us and what sets us free. ($19.95)

Group People & Messages - Overview

To improve the effectiveness of our efforts with our database we learn that we need to organize our database into groups which will produce more and better leads with less effort. This session builds on what we learned in Level 1 and Level 2. When we have a strong database (Level 1 - Box 1) and Develop & Deliver A Message (Level 2 - Box 2) in an effective way to groups of the right people we will generate more and better leads. ($19.95)


Develop & Deliver A Message for a worthwhile cause - Overview

Raising money for a great cause require us to develop and deliver a message to the targeted prospect which draws them in based on interest. We can have the greatest cause in the world, but if we do not communicate that cause in the right way, we will not raise any funds. The importance of having a system which has the ability to convert lower quality leads is also covered. What is the secret to helping people overcome poverty. The caught in the bucket principle will provide the answer to the secret. ($19.95)


Identify Targets - Raising funds for any worthwhile cause - Overview

If we understand the science of building a system which will raise funds, those systems will generate a lot of funds for any cause we value. The foundation for every Fund Raising Operating System is building a database. There are many ways to build a database and the more effective we are in doing this, the better the system, the more funds we will raise to make a difference in the lives of people. ($19.95)


Stage 4 Cancer Conquer - Amazing Life Story - Overview

A story of hope from a powerful individual who conquered stage 4 cancer and how that applies to all areas of our lives. What is our life vision? What actions do we need to take to achieve our Life Vision? Are we really living up to our full potential? Life throws some pretty amazing things at us and when we learn to take life's lessons and create a system to were we bring those lessons and bring value to others around the world, some amazing things happen. ($19.95)

Building a solid master mind tream - Overview

Start out with, add in the 5/30 Grid, The NEXT Dimension Principle, The Breaking Free Model, details on when to use the four types of personalities for mentoring, building the best Business Operating System, and bringing that all together into one group which can focus that into achieving overall success in every area of life/business, you have an amazing session. ($19.95)


Learning Natural Laws to see great success. - Overview

In the NEW Educational Partnership Model we learn that there are four major different types of mentoring/coaching. We can learn how to determine which one an individual needs based on where they are in the NEXT Dimension Model. We also take a look at the 25 Year Value Transfer System by Life Masteries Institute. If you are looking for ways to bring all your worlds together into one central Life Vision this is a great session which will help you a great deal. ($19.95)



Tapping into the community for business opportunities. - Overview

Did you know that there are so many business opportunities when we connect into community based organizations and help them achieve their goals? In this session, there was a great deal of amazing conversation about how to raise 12.7 million dollars to stop child trafficking. What's even more amazing than helping others with a good cause is how by doing this in the right way, it can actually help you generate more money for your business AND give you more time. We know this is hard to believe, but go through this session and see if you don't agree. We never know if something is going to work or not until we give it a try. ($19.95)



What does Stopping Child Trafficking have to do with Business & Military? - Overview

WOW, this session will blow your mind. It starts with a Tim, 11 year old young man with a vision to get his business to $500,000 and then give away, $100,000 of that to stopping child trafficking. That leads to the CEO, Alan Stein, of challenging Tim to add a couple of zeros to his goal which bumped him up to raising 12.7 million to stop child trafficking. Add the past President of CENTURY 21, a 13 year old young man, how reconnects with a 13 year old young lady, after not seeing each other for 8 years, add an international speaker and author to the mix along with a number of other business owners and a couple of international non profit organizations, along with the military and you have a session that will not only change your business but also you life forever! Pass this one along to everyone else you know as they will be touched as you are. (Free)

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Going the extra mile can produce some amazing results. - Overview

Individuals who went through this session said "I am now seeing the world in a different way." We tend to see the world in the same way day in and day out which causes us to miss opportunities that we never know we miss. This session will look at some very interesting questions which will help us to see the world in a new and different way. ($19.95)


How to reach 20 year olds - Overview

If we were better students how much more money would we earn? Some very interesting conversations about how by being a better student, how to learn more, how to accomplish a lot more in a lot less time, we will see greater success, this is an interesting sessions you'll want to share with your friends. ($19.95)


How Education and Business Can Work Together - Overview

Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 and Mark Boersma, international speaker and author: Discussion Topics

. How education and businesses can better work together. 
. How to be a better teacher to the analytical student.
Have you found it interesting that different personalities tend to learn/respond in different ways to different people? This session is a great session on how a teacher can better understand, connect, and teach an analytical type of student. Discussion on how someone with a dream, a vision, can take that dream/vision and turn it into a book. Tim, the 11 year old continued to press forward with his goal of rasing 12.5 million dollars, and how by him being a great steward of the lives (5 T's) he could become one of the most connected 11 year olds on the planet. 14 minutes of high level presentation and then 46 minutes of Q&A. ($19.95 to be donated to Life Masteries Institute to help change the lives of children all around the world.)


LM-BS - Presenting a New Educational Model Pt 2 - Overview

Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 and Mark Boersma, international speaker and author: Discussion Topics
. What can businesses learn from education?
. What can education learn from businesses? 

Great thought leader conversations on how the schools often do a much better job in measuring results for studnets than businesses do and how businesses can help students have a greater vision and how to help acheive that vision. Great conversation on how to help an 11 year old raise 12.5 million to assist stop child trafficking. 11 minutes of high level presentation and then 49 minutes of Q&A. ($19.95 to be donated to Life Masteries Institute to help change the lives of children all around the world.)


LM-BS - Presenting a New Educational Model - Overview

Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 and international Easter Seals board member shares his thoughts on: Discussion Topics
* Why are values so very important and how do natural laws play into values for the success of young people?

* What can educators and business professionals do to partner together to instill values into young people today?

Great thought leader conversations on why values are so critical to all of our success. What can educators do to draw in business professionals and how do we all partner together with one another to bring values into education? Learn how different personalities respond to one another in different situations, and how the combined power of all the different personalities will produce far more success, when we work together, than we ever could on our own. 13 minutes of high level thinking and then 43 of Q&A. ($19.95 to be donated to Life Masteries Institute to help change the lives of children all around the world.)

Partnerships Between Education & Business - Overview

Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 and international Easter Seals board member shares his thoughts on: Discussion Topics

What can educators and the educational system do to help create leaders, statesmen, and entrepreneurs?
What can business owners do to help educational official and school teachers directly?

Amazing insight into how schools can bring a great deal of value to business owners/professionals and owners can bring great value to educators. If you are a business professional looking for very innovative ways to grow your business, this is a must view video. If you are an educator and you would like ways to impact your students in a great way, consider cutting edge ways to generate new sources of money for schools, and bring employment opportunities back into the the community this is a must view video.

The second half of the video Tim, an 11 year old young man, who owns a company learns how to be special and how to increase his goal of raising $100,000 to $1,250,000 or maybe even $12,500,000 to stop child trafficking. Learning to dream, think, and do big things is what this session is all about. You will never see things through the same eyes after you view this video. 13 minutes of high level thinking and then 45 of Q&A. ($19.95)


Does fear of taking action hold you back?- Overview

Does fear of taking action hold you back? In this 10 minute lesson, Tom Kunz, Past President of CENTURY 21, shared the thought that if you're not making mistakes, occasionally, you aren't learning anything and you'll never move forward or learn from your mistakes. In Part 2, the 50 minute Q & A session, Tim, an 11 year old asked a very profound question, that we all probably should be asking, "How do I make my mom happy?" You'll also find out how The Back to the Future Principle will help you reach conclusions faster, think faster, take faster action, and make better decisions overall. Each week you'll hear from thought leaders about how they have succeeded in business/life and how their experiences can assist you with some of the problems/challenges you are currently facing and how to turn those challenges into amazing opportunities. You never know what type of conversation, what insights, thoughts, concepts, and new ways of thinking you'll discover. ($19.95)


Do You Let Past Mistakes Hold You Back?- Overview

Do you let past mistakes hold you back? Do you put energy into things that will feel good in the short-term but will actually hurt you in the long-term? Part 1 is a powerful, free 8 minute lesson to help guide you to change the way you think about the past with a great quote from Tom Kunz, Past President of CENTURY 21. Part 2 includes Q & A from other business professionals who are struggling with the same problems you are. You never know what type of conversation, what insights, thoughts,concepts, and new ways of thinking you'll discover. ($19.95)


What do Presidents of international companies, thought leaders, and international speakers and authors talk about? You never know what type of conversation, what insights, thoughts, concepts, and new ways of thinking will pop up on this weekly call. ($19.95)



Back to Valued Relationships



Thomas R. Kunz is the recent past President and CEO of CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC. He was appointed in June 2004 and resigned in March of 2010. While there, he led CENTURY 21® as the franchisor of the world's largest residential real estate sales organization providing comprehensive training, management, administrative and marketing support for the CENTURY 21 System. The System was comprised of more than 7,700 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices in 66 countries and territories worldwide.

A veteran of the real estate industry for over 30 years, Kunz has spent two-thirds of his career affiliated with the CENTURY 21 System, where he established a successful track record involving franchise sales and ownership as well as running all aspects of brokerage and franchise operations.

Kunz’s career in the CENTURY 21 System began in 1982, where he has served in a succession of increasingly responsible field and headquarters executive positions for CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC. He has been responsible for everything from field communication, franchise sales, systems implementation, system-wide recruiting, broker automation, and regional development.

Among the highlights of his career as part of the CENTURY 21 System was his role as a member of the team that developed franchise sales tools that are still used today to train franchise sales staff for all Realogy Corporation real estate brands.

In 2001, he became senior vice president of real estate franchise sales for Cendant in the western
region of the United States. In this role, he was responsible for oversight of the franchise sales efforts for the CENTURY 21, Coldwell Banker®, Coldwell Banker Commercial® and ERA® real estate brands in 17 western states and facilitated and completed the renewal of the third largest franchisee in the CENTURY 21 System.

As an independent entrepreneur, Kunz served as president of CENTURY 21 Award, an independently owned and operated real estate brokerage with 12 offices and 750 sales associates and employees located throughout San Diego and Riverside counties in California. Under Kunz's leadership, CENTURY 21 Award was ranked as the No. 1 company in the entire CENTURY 21 System in 2004, generating more than $61,000,000 in gross closed commissions and 6300 closed sides of business last year.

Prior to entering the real estate field in 1970’s, Kunz owned his own employment agency and served as president of a software company. Kunz, who served in the U.S Army in Vietnam, attended Weber State University and the University of Utah. He sits on the National as well as the Southern California Chapter Board of Directors for Easter Seals. Since the inception of its philanthropic partnership in 1979, the CENTURY 21 System has contributed more than $100 Million to Easter Seals.


The Dream
Tom, through TRK Enterprises, is creating a movement which connects passionate individuals in business to community based organizations to, “Accomplish much more together than we can on our own.” This movement will assist 100 people in earning 1 million dollars while reaching their personal and professional dreams over the next 12 months. This effort is called the 10/100 Mastermind Group.

The Vision
Tom’s vision is to generate 110 million dollars to change the lives of people around the world. Utilizing a close network of people who are using systems, processes, coaching, technology, and media to capture best practices in all areas of life, this goal will be reached by sharing these with others.

The Organizations
Tom currently sits on the Board of Directors of Easter Seals. Not only does he support them in leading the way to ensure that individuals and families affected by disabilities can live, learn, work, and play to their full potential, he also plays a primary role in raising funds for the organization, having raised $100 million dollars for Easter Seals while at CENTURY 21 LLC.

The Companies
Focused on making a difference in the world, Tom is now raising funds and awareness for associations and community based groups through the 10/100 business model. The model itself was born from Tom’s first book, Community & Business Partnerships. Additionally, through Consulting, Speaking, Planning and Leadership Coaching, Tom can assist individuals, companies or community based organizations to reach their goals.

Intellectual Property
Through the use of technology Tom is making his books, seminars, ideas and philosophies widely
available to reach people around the world more effectively and quickly. Delivery of the intellectual property can influence millions 24/7 through the programs, technology and online university.

Because of his polished style, deep knowledge of business, extensive network, media training and
worldwide travel experience, Tom is perfect as a spokesperson for many businesses, associations, or community based organizations.













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