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Getting our business to run without us.

Are you looking for a group of professionals who are as committed to building a successful business as they are to
laying up treasure in Heaven?

[CPN 7/28 Life Grid

Do you ever feel that you own a job rather than a company?

Do you ever feel that your personal relationship with God is totally different than owning or running a company?

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Why do people have dreams and desires which so often go unfulfilled?

Do you ever feel that you do not have enough time to do everything that God has laid on your heart?

What are others saying . . .

There are many ways that members of CPN are gaining benefit and bringing benefit to others.  Each group decides where they would like to focus to bring the most benefit to those who participate.

There are three major areas of focus where a CPN group can bring value to each member.

  1. Spiritual
  2. Business
  3. Personal

1. Spiritual
This is more than just growing in our own personal lives.  It is learning to view our businesses and our profession as a calling from God.  Just as any pastor or missionary would view their calling from God, we believe that God has ordained us to use our businesses, our networks and our resources to bring eternal value to the Kingdom.

2. Business
Are you doing everything you know you should be doing in your business?  If not, why not?  There are over 200 God given natural business and life laws that CPN members have discovered over the last 20+ years.  When we learn and honor these Natural Laws we see greater success in business, earn more money, work fewer hours, have less stress, have greater life balance and are able to invest more into Kingdom areas of focus.

3. Personal
The 5 T's are a great example of one of those natural laws.  When we are great stewards of the 5 T's, God will generally give us more of each of the T's.

We believe that God would have us  see success, as God measures success, in every area of our lives and there are an abundance of resources available to assist members in marriages, with children, with friends, and churches, to name a few.

NOTE:  If you, at any time, become overwhelmed with all the information and would like to talk to a human being please call toll free 888.230.2300 ext. 222

One of the tools that many CPN members have found to be helpful in every area of their life is Personality Masteries.  

Michael Ratchford - Business Owner - "The 5/30 Grid is a tool which has not only been very effective in helping me to get my business to run better without me, but it's also a great model for churches or really, any type of Kingdom work."

5/30 Grid PDF Download - Click Here

5/30 Grid Interview - Video Part 1 - Click Here  (12 Min.)   |   Part 2 - Click Here  (27 Min.)

Walt Hatter - CPA - "I have owned my own accounting practice for years and have been searching for a way to better integrate my faith with my business.  The tools, systems and people are very helpful in assisting me to use my business as a way to reach others for Christ.  I was so impressed and moved by my experience that I started my own CPN chapter within a month of getting involved."

The tools, systems, and networks within CPN assist members to see greater success in less time.  Why is it so powerful?

"As Past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., leading over 140,000 sales professionals in over 70 countries, I had the privilege to be on TV all around the world.  I have spoken in numerous countries and been exposed to a thousands of systems in my life.  

I have to tell you, the genius behind the 5/30 Grid, Mastermind MAGIC, Personality Masteries, and Natural Laws is beyond anything I've ever experienced.  When you combine all these things along along with a toolbox of tools and systems, you get something far beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

For the first time in my life I saw, as a result of Personality Masteries, at the deepest core, who I really was and why.  I understood things about myself that I never even realized I didn't know.  This new knowledge helped me to take my leadership knowledge and skills to a whole new level.  

Simply amazing!"

                                                   Tom Kunz, Past President  - CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.

I started my own company to provide Virtual Assistants for companies and jobs for other stay-at-home Moms, just like me.  CPN has assisted me to build my business so fast that I am in need of other moms who are interested in starting their own companies.  I was blessed to be raised by a father who was a Christian business owner.  He helped me become an international speaker at the age of 12 and I see CPN helping me in many of the ways he mentored me in my life.

GingerAnne Collins, President,  EVA Solutions

When I found two large boxes of letters, photos and memorabilia,  telling the story of my family, beginning with my grandfather's birth in 1884 and going right up through World War II, I knew I had to share the story with the world. I just had no idea how I was going to do it. The minute I heard about CPN, I didn't even think twice but jumped right in. My first book is almost finished, I've published articles in an e-magazine and I started writing a blog three months ago that is now being read in 15 countries.... and that number increases every week. It's amazing!  I KNOW that it never would have happened without the help, direction and encouragement I've gotten from CPN, the whole system. I'm having so much fun and everyone want to hear my stories!

Judy Guion,  "A Slice of Life", Lessons from the Greatest Generation

A Gift To You From Other CPN Members

Lesson #
Overview Lesson - BIG Picture . . . what is CPN all about - Click Here

1. Jesus - White Paper Truth - Understanding our business is our calling from God - Click Here - Blog Post

2. HOPE - White Paper Vision - How our business fits into our Life Vision and God's vision for our lives - Discovering our Life Vision Click Here - Blog Post

3. Head - White Paper Head -Knowing what actions we need to take to turn our business into a Kingdom business
Click Here
- Blog Post

4. Heart  - White Paper Heart - Why those things we are passionate about are from God and how to best use those passions for the Kingdom - Click Here - Blog Post

5. Hands - White Paper Hands - Taking action and not making excuses.  How by trusting God with a little time, He will give us an abundance of time. - Click Here - Blog Post

6. HELP - White Paper Help - We never really learn at a deep level until we HELP others to learn and do what we have learned and done.
- Click Here - Blog Post

7. The NEXT Step -White Paper The Journey Starting or joining a Mastermind group which will help us to follow through with what we have learned. - Click Here - Blog Post

[ CPN 7/28 Life Grid ]

NOTE:  This website is, for the most part, about education.  You may go through this website to learn, get connected, or even order the marketing materials and resources directly from this site and the site will help to educate you on the best way to see greater success in every area of your business and life.  If you have suggestions on how we can improve the educational portion of this site, please call us at 888.230.2300 with those suggestions.  If there are additional product or service ideas you have for marketing resources, please connect with us about those as well.

Where does one start?

To help you get into the best CPN Mastermind group, we recommend that you get started by doing an online survey.   

[ Online CPN Survey ]

Click here - Our Christ Given Passions & Life Vision

Within 24 hours of completing the online survey, you will be contacted by your own personal mentor who has gone through the above lessons and is an active part of a CPN Mastermind group.  They will get to know you, review any survey data, and then assist you get connected into a group.  They are there to assist you as they have been assisted by someone else.

[ Members Only ]

Level 1



Overview - Mastermind Groups

To see success we have found, as Napoleon Hill did, that Mastermind groups are a very powerful source to help us take action on what we know we should be doing.  In becoming a successful business owner/professional we must have what are called the 5 H's To Success.

(H1) - HOPE - The HOPE and belief that we will be successful.
(H2) - Heart - The Head knowledge to know what actions we need to take.
(H3) - Heart - Our Life Vision discovered, then plugged into actions.
(H4) - Hands - We MUST take action - right actions - right way - right time
(H5) - HELP - Deep knowledge and wisdom comes from helping others

While some wait to join a Mastermind group until after they complete all seven initial lessons, we encourage you to join a group as soon as you complete the survey and another CPN member helps you find the right Mastermind group.

In Romans 5: 3-5 we discover where HOPE comes from and we as Christians should have more HOPE than anyone else in the world.

A mastermind group helps us to learn from others, network with others, grow from the experiences of others, and gain input into how we can be the most successful, in the least amount of time, with the least effort.  

Napoleon Hill in his bestselling books "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Law of Success" communicates the power of participating in a Mastermind group.  This next step is critical to success and it's important to start immediately.  The faster we gain input, experience, wisdom and encouragement from others, the faster we will start on our journey.

The faster we start on our journey of success, the greater success we will have.  Yes . . . I know that we have a lot on our plate.  Yes . . . I know that we can come up with a million excuses as to why we are not not able to even invest 30 minutes into something which will change the way we do business and live forever.  Yes . . . there are fears and thoughts and "great" reasons why now is not the best time to do it.

Yes . . . we have fed ourselves the deception that while we are not going to do it now for whatever reason, we will do it later.  Why we think we will have more time later, how we will have more money later, why later will be a better time than now, is a mystery to all of us.  What is kind of crazy is the fact that we actually believe ourselves, in spite of the fact that we have probably told ourselves this for years and we still have not taken action.

If you really want to "Own a Company" rather than "Own A Job" you need to take action today and join a Mastermind group right now. They will help you eliminate your excuses as they've had the same excuses, so they won't let you off the hook.  This is actually what each one of us often needs to see success in this area.

[ Online CPN Survey ]

There are three simple levels within the Mastermind community.  Within 24 hours of completing the survey you will be contacted by your own personal mentor who will assist you in finding a Mastermind group that is right for you.  You will be given an assessment, some basic tools and then your online personal account will be activated to provide you with 24/7 access to the online university. You'll also be given the times for your Mastermind group and all applicable information.

Your personal mentor will assist you to quickly get introduced to others in the Mastermind group/community and assist you in gaining the most from the experience.

Level 1: Basic
* Access to weekly live Mastermind group call/webinar
* Recordings for all Mastermind group calls
* Network to connect - receive and give help
Long Term Commitment: ---- None
Monthly Investment: ---- $195/month

Level 2: Intermediate
* Everything which is available in Level 1 . . . PLUS
* A customized personal/professional speaker and author plan
* One on one coaching/support as needed to implement your plan
Long Term Commitment: ---- 3 Months
Monthly Investment: ---- $495/month

Level 3: Advanced
* Everything which is available in Level 1 and 2 . . . PLUS
* Advanced customized business plan + speaker and author plan
* Access to team of Virtual Assistants to assist you implement cornerstone of 5/30 Grid for speaking and authoring
Long Term Commitment: ---- 12 Month
Monthly Investment: ---- $1,495/month

All business Mastermind groups, group coaching, and One on One coaching are run based on the 5/30 Grid.  The 5/30 Grid is designed to be easy to understand and powerful when implemented properly.  To achieve the success that we desire in our business, our God given full potential, we MUST have all five areas at the same level.

Our businesses are like a pipeline with each of the five areas being one of the five pipes.  If we desire to increase our overall profit we need all five pipes to have the same capability.  We are only as strong as our weakest pipe.  There are many ways to obtain the knowledge, i.e. the Head knowledge required to see success in each of these five areas.

One on One coaching , Mastermind groups , group coaching , and online learning are ways to obtain the knowledge and then assist you in following through to take action on what you have learned.  Click on each box of the 5/30 Grid to see individual lessons available for each area of learning.

5/30 Grid PDF Download - Click Here

Short Interview with Tony Pires/Others on change - 5 min. audio - Click Here   |  17 min. video - Click Here

Client Interview on 5/30 Grid - Video Part 1 - Click Here  (12 Min.)   |   Part 2 - Click Here  (27 Min.)

One on One Coaching
This is the fastest way to learn and implement the 5/30 Grid.  A detailed business assessment is completed from which a 12 month customized plan is created.  One on One coaching includes One on One coaching sessions, group coaching, and access to a large amount of learning resources online.  Mastermind package #2 and #3 both include One on One coaching.  ActionVision coaching is also available and is often pursued by those who desire to do more, faster, with the help of others.

ActionVision YouTube Video - 4 minutes - Click Here
ActionVision Video - 27 Minutes - Click Here
ActionVision Product Overview - Three levels of one-on-one coaching - Click Here

Mastermind groups
Individuals gain the most from a Mastermind group when they have a written personal/business plan, have One on One coaching, and have the resources to quickly implement and take action on what they have learned.  Mastermind groups can be local or worldwide.  The most effective Mastermind groups seem to be those which are 30 to 60 minutes in length, done over the phone/webinar, and have some base curriculum which the group learns and applies together.

Mastermind groups can be centered around an interest, such as CPN - Christian Professionals, industries - CPA's, causes - stopping child trafficking, groups of people - churches, etc.

Group coaching
Group coaching is designed to coach a group of people in a similar topic, practice or skill and then work together to master that skill as a group.  Mastermind groups may employ some group coaching to effectively move the group along a mutual path of success faster.  Group coaching is used a great deal in learning/doing the 5/30 Grid as well as learning other types of business practices.  For additional information on group coaching - Click Here

Online learning
Online learning is the most flexible of all coaching, as it can be done 24/7.  The flexibility is both it's greatest strength as well as it's greatest weakness.  Often great group coaching and even some Mastermind groups are captured with technology, for others to go through at their convenience or at a later time.  Individuals can leverage online learning to learn and grow much faster.  

When online learning is used with One on One coaching, Mastermind groups, and group coaching, it will accelerate the learning/doing process and give it a multiplier effect.  Online learning requires the most discipline to do and do consistently, and most individuals struggle with staying consistent with online learning due to the flexibility and trying to do it on our own.

There are many different series of online learning.  For the most comprehensive learning resource center, Click Here.


Systems - BOS - Business Operating System - Click Here

What does every successful company have in common?  Systems!  There are a number of different systems which are of critical importance.  The master system for any business we will refer to as the BOS - Business Operating System.  The BOS is the overall air traffic controller which oversees all the systems within a business.

If you are feeling that you/your business is not achieving its full potential then there is a strong probability that you do not have a BOS.  Every strong BOS has, at it's very foundation, the 5/30 Grid.  To be successful every BOS must have people running the system, which is why Personality Masteries is like the DNA for the people side of every BOS.

When we as Christian business owners and professionals understand that God created the universe and it is built on a system, i.e. The Solar System, we understand that God built businesses to run on systems as well.  The better system we have in place, the better stewards we will be with the 5 T's.  The better stewards we are, the more blessing/growth of the 5 T's we will see.

If we do not have the time we desire to serve God more, give our families more time, have more personal time and/or are not earning as much money as we would like to, and/or if we have too much stress, and/or our life is not as balanced as we would like it to be, we need to spend some time in reflection.  

One of the first things we should reflect on is how well our systems are.  If we are a farmer and we are planting the seeds by hand, we are limited by only what our hands can plant.  If we seek out the development and implementation of systems we then leverage our time/gifts and will produce far more.

[5/30 Grid Survey - Click Here ]


"Reaching beyond our dreams and goals in every area of our life.

Each CPN mastermind group has access to a wide range of resources which are available for helping individuals in all areas of their personal life.  One of those resources is Life Masteries Institute which is a 501c3 non profit organization.  

Relationship Building - Click Here
Parenting - Click Here
Inspire A Child For Life - Click Here
7 Minutes To Financial Success - Click Here
Career Success - Click Here
Personality Masteries - Click Here
7 Lessons To Discover My Life Vision - Click Here
Save Time - Gain 20 extra hours a week - Click Here
Community/Business Partnerships - Click Here
Help for Military/Veterans - Click Here
Time Management - Click Here
Stop Procrastinating - Click Here
Powerful Surveys - Click Here
Personality Survey - Click Here
Discover My Life Vision Survey - Click Here
Stop Procrastination RIGHT NOW! - Click Here

If you go to and enter your biggest personal challenge into the search box and/or what you would love help with, there is a strong probability that you will discover access to other powerful resources.



Just For Pastors - MP3
Could you use some extra time to relax and reflect?  Are you feeling stressed?  Are there any business owners/leaders in your church which seem to cause you a great amount of stress?

Do you feel you could use additional time, resources, expertise and/or support?

CPN has resources which are available for you as well.  The Mastermind groups welcome pastors.  Leadership of people, reaching out to people, attracting people, retaining people . . . it's really all about reaching people. This is what pastors and business owners and professionals do each and every day.

Being a pastor is very much like being a business owner in many ways.

The first step for pastors is the same first step as anyone else.  We will have you go through a series of questions, to help us help you determine which Mastermind  group is best for you.

[ Online CPN Survey ]

Once we have the information from the survey we are able to determine which Mastermind group would provide you with the most value.  There is help if you are having any of the following challenges . . .

  - Challenges in setting vision
  - Challenges with people
  - Challenges with leadership
  - Challenges with planning
  - Challenges financially
  - Challenges getting people to get along
  - Challenges with difficult personalities
  - Challenges in attracting new members
  - Challenges in retaining members

To gain the most benefit invite business owners and professionals to also join or start a Mastermind group.  Others from your congregation may be in your Mastermind group or they or you can choose to be in a totally different group.

[Would you like to have more time?   Click Here ]
[Would you like to discover your own vision and help others discover theirs?   Click Here ]

Coaching Tips:  
- Do you believe that business professionals in your congregation would value the discovery of more time as well?  
* Consider going through one 6 minute video a day with others.   Click Here
- How powerful do you believe it would be if every business owner, leader and professional were to discover their own life vision and then connect that into the vision of the whole body of Christ at your church?
*  Business owners and professionals tend to be very focused and if we as pastors are able to help them discover their own God inspired life vision, what would that look like?

Questions . . . please call toll free - 888.230.2300


As a CPN member you have access to more resources than you could ever use.  To immediately tap into those resources complete the CPN survey if you have not already done so.

[ Online CPN Survey ]

Once you have completed the survey other members will have the information needed to assist you in discovering which resources will bring you the most value.  

The goal of all of the resources is to give you far more time back than what you are investing.  Our goal is to give you back three hours for every one hour you invest. Click Here

BOS - Business Operating System - Click Here
Challenges with people - Click Here

Area 1: Marketing (more and better leads) - Click Here
Area 2: Pre-Sales (convert more leads to clients) - Click Here
Area 3: The Sale (convert leads faster) - Click Here
Area 4: Servicing (obtain more referrals) - Click Here
Area 5: Client For Life (on-going business) - Click Here

Sales Success (System for selling) - Click Here
Career Success (strong value for employees) - Click Here
Massive Profit from/with employees & VA's - Click Here
Innovative Marketing Resources - Click Here
Community/Business Partnerships - Click Here
Natural Laws/Marketing Resources - Click Here

Becoming a Speaker/Author - Click Here
Profitable Partnerships - Click Here
Virtual Assistants - Get others to do the work - Click Here
Military - Click Here
Recruiting Masteries - Click Here

There are far too many resources to list them all here. The above are a few of the resources which most business owners and professionals use.  

Questions . . . please call toll free - 888.230.2300


Get someone else to do the work for you!

Do you find that you are overwhelmed with everything already on your plate?

Are you the smart type of person who is always looking to get others to do the key things, so you can earn a lot more money and work fewer hours?

There are some clients who desire to learn how to do everything and then will follow through.  Most of our clients either do not want to or feel they don't have the time to really learn or master everything, so they bring on a Certified Virtual Assistant (VA).

We have found that Life Masteries Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has the most comprehensive VA Certification program in the world.  VA companies and/or individuals who have been Certified through Life Masteries Institute are able to perform in a few weeks what most companies, employees and individuals are not able to perform in months or sometimes, even years.

To order the book and/or to find out additional information about creating massive success/profits through the use of other people. - Click Here  If you would like a complimentary interview/strategy session please call  toll free 888.230.2300, ext. 222 for additional information.

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