What would it be like if you were to market to individuals specifically based on their personality?


Would you make more money?

Would you work fewer hours?

Would you have less stress?

Would you have greater life balance in every area of your life?

Would you have more fun at what you do?

Would you get noticed in a very busy world?

Would you stand out from your competition?

What are others saying . . .

Having the knowledge base of personalities is powerful, without question.  Leveraging that knowledge into making money is a whole different animal which is why we have partnered up with a number of experts/companies in many different industries to bring you tools, systems, and processes to help you leverage Personality Masteries into connecting with people in a whole new way.

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We trust you will be as excited to use these amazing tools and resources as others have been.


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Dr. Pam Straker  (Ph.D. in Psychology) "This is the fastest, easiest, most powerful program/system for understanding personalities I have ever seen.  It is presented in a way that anyone can understand and use every day in every area of their lives."

Dr. Gregory Simpson  (Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry) "I have never seen anything like this.  It is helping me personally and professionally.  It is a scientific process for understanding people, which anyone can understand.  I use what I have learned EVERY day!"

To use the tools and resources properly we really do need to understand some of the reasons why Personality Masteries is so powerful.  Check out the following . . .

Personality Masteries is much more than a product or service, it is really a life changing movement.  Why is it so powerful?

“As past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., leading over 140,000 sales professionals in over 70 countries, I had the privilege to be exposed to every major personality assessment in the marketplace.  When I went through the Level 1 Certification, I have to tell you, it changed my life forever.  

For the first time in my life I saw, at the deepest core, who I really was and why.  I understood things about myself that I never even realized I didn't know.  I immediately applied what I learned to my kids, their spouses, my wife, and even my ex-wife.  The certification program is so powerful, so easy to go through, and so inexpensive that I believe every single person should gain the benefit of going through the course.

From a professional/business position it helps us understand in seconds our peers, those we lead, our vendors, owners, partners and, most importantly, our clients, in a way I never even dreamed of.  We see their world through their eyes!  This enables us to market better, sell more effectively, service in the way that client wants to be serviced, and create clients/ and elationships for life.

The ease of picking up this knowledge surprised me and the depth of materials and resources which are available excited me.  

I wish I had had this invaluable understanding decades ago.  I would have made it a requirement for every single person in our company.”

Tom Kunz, past President  - CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.

As Tom shared there is so much content that is available and more is being developed every week.

WARNING:  This website is, for the most part, about education.  You may order the marketing materials/resources directly from this site and the site will help to educate you on the best way to turn these marketing materials/resources into dollars.  If you have suggestions on how we can improve the educational portion of this site please do call us at 888.230.2300 with those suggestions.  If there are additional product or service ideas you have for marketing resources, please connect with us about those as well.

Where does one start?

Most individuals will start with Level 1 Certification, because it is fast, easy, and inexpensive.  Some individuals will take individual lessons and others will take specific courses on specific topics.  It is strongly recommended that you take the Level 1 Certification first as it gives you a strong foundation and covers things which are not covered in any other series. For additional information on certification - Click Here


“Reaching beyond our dreams and goals in every area of our life.”

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One of the most powerful reasons Personality Masteries is so effective is the two series of questions which are asked.   “Which of these four shapes do you tend to like the most?” and “Which of these four things would cause you the most frustration in any area of your life?”

When we are willing to just come right out and ask these questions it does something magical to people.  It creates curiosity, it creates interest, it becomes almost irresistible for people to ask “What does that mean?” or “Why are you asking me those questions?”

It sets us apart from our competition and draws people into what we do and who we are.  A simple postcard, handed to someone or better yet, sent  out to your entire database, would show you what kind of feedback and questions you would gain as a result of this simple and low cost effort.

Using postcards along with technology to identify the personality of our prospects, clients,  referral sources, vendors and partners helps us to be more effective in our marketing, sales and servicing.  Postcard marketing is a powerful and inexpensive way to identify the personality of everyone you connect with.  

Once you have identified their personality, you will increase the effectiveness of your marketing, pre-sales, sales and servicing and will have the foundation in place to create a relationship for life.

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Recommended use for the above postcards:
___ 1. To hand out to people you're making calls on

___ 2. To send to all current and/or past clients
- Could be B2B - Business To Business or B2C - Business To Consumers or even referral partners, vendors, and/or anyone else you come in contact with

___ 3. Use for seminars, trade shows, events, parties, and/or any other type of gather of people

If you would like to customize a card and/or learn how you can work with a printing company to send a postcard to your entire database with almost zero work on your part please give us a call at:

888.230.2300 ext. 222

QR - Quick Response codes, PURLS - Personal URL's, smartphone applications can also be integrated into full marketing and sales campaigns all designed to:
   * Help you make a lot more money
   * Set you apart from your competition
   * Make people smile when they think of you
   * Trigger people to refer more business to you
   * Generate better and more profitable leads
   * Convert more leads into clients and do it faster
   * Help you market and sell to people based on their personalities
   * Partner with others in a more effective manner
   * Service people in a more effective manner to generate more referrals

To benefit the most from the cards we strongly recommend becoming certified in Personality Masteries.   Click Here for additional information on certification.


“Reaching beyond our dreams and goals in every area of our life.”

Why is it that we all know that the more relationships we have in business, and the better those relationships are, the more money we will make . . . but then we do not actually build systems to maintain those relationships on our behalf?

Do we think that we will actually keep up with the massive amount of work and time needed to keep those relationships?  If we do, we find out fairly quickly that we can not and will not keep up with each client.

Relationship Newsletters based on Personality Masteries are an effective way to touch your database in a very effective manner.  With the right newsletters you will get prospects to buy faster, make the servicing experience easier, create more profit, make sales calls more effective and you will never lose touch with your prospects and clients, which often happens with people/staff.  

By building and maintaining relationships in a more effective way we will get more repeat business and people will provide more referrals.

This is where “Relationship Building Newsletters” come in.  There are three types of marketing:

1. Product/Service Marketing (2)

2. Relationship Marketing         (11)

3. Strategic Strike Marketing  (5)

Each type of marketing has strengths and weaknesses. As businesses we should be using each type of marketing in a very specific way to maximize the strengths for each marketing type.

Personality Masteries IS A WHOLE NEW WAY TO MARKET.  It's marketing or really communicating to people based on their personality.  When we learn to market based on someone's personality we learn to communicate, to touch them in a way that has deep meaning.  Marketing to people based on their personality will take more devotion and more time.  The benefit to doing this is increased effectiveness in both quantity and quality of leads.

We need to sell and service individuals based on their personality, i.e. the way they want to be sold to and how they desire to be serviced.  When we market to people based on their personality we set the wheels in motion to generate more and stronger leads, draw in the right people, in the right way, which then helps us to convert those leads faster, with less cost.

As we gain a deeper understanding of the 5/30 Grid and how Personality Masteries deeply penetrates all five areas, all 30 boxes, we realize how critical it is to start every relationship (Area 1: Marketing) with a customer.  When we get off to a great start with every prospect as a result of communicating to them in their language/personality we will have a far more profitable business.

1. Product/Service Marketing (Box 2)

Product/Service Marketing promotes a specific product and/or service for a company.  Most companies will use Product/Service Marketing of they are interested in selling a specific product or service the company has.  For more specific training/mentoring on this area, Click Here .  Using specific marketing materials which identify a prospects personality type empowers us to market to those individuals, in the future, based on their specific personality type.

Analytic     Focus on specific features, benefits, include testimonies which help to reduce the fear they have of not having enough details to make an educated decision.  Give a large quantity of data about your product/service and deliver it with a very clean (outline) look and feel.

Driver     Highlight big picture benefits, how the product/service will help the prospect reach their goals.  Help them see how it will help them get where they want to go faster and will help them to make more money, see greater success, will help to keep greater control and will help them do it faster

Expressive    Focus on how the product/service will make them feel, how it will help them be number one/the center of attention and it will create a great deal of fun, energy, and excitement.

Amiable    Focus on the people side in the marketing and how your product/service will help them to have better/stronger relationships and will reduce conflict.

To learn more about the six levels of marketing within the 5/30 Grid - Click Here

2. Relationship Marketing  (Box 11)

Relationship Marketing helps us to touch more people, with less effort/costs, and do it consistently.  In most situations a business will have the ability to have marketing pick up “the heavy load” of keeping connected with people without taking a lot of time and/or resources.  

When we send Relationship Marketing/monthly relationship building newsletters and/or other marketing, people will grow to where they know, like, and trust us in less time with less effort.

Relationship Marketing can actually be used in all five areas of business.  

One of the most effective ways to build a relationship is to communicate and connect with people based on their own personality.  Often Relationship Marketing is used strongly for Areas 4 and 5 but Relationship Marketing can be used for all five areas.

Once we have identified someone's personality (use postcards and technology) then we are in a perfect position to develop the “know, like, and trust” for each individual based on their personality.

To learn more about the six levels for creating a Client For Life within the 5/30 Grid - Click Here

3. Strategic Strike Marketing (Box 5)

Strategic Strike Marketing is a combination of Product/Service Marketing and Relationship Marketing.  In a way it's very much like taking your sales people and putting them in a system.  A great Strategic Strike series will help us to convert more leads into clients, in less time, with less effort and cost.

A Strategic Strike is one of the most complex systems to build for any business and most profitable.  

Think about it . . . if the average business is only able to convert 1 out of 10 leads and a Strategic Strike system helps you to convert just 1 more for a total of 2 out of 10, what does that do for your business?

“Yes”, it will would double your business, without requiring you to generate any additional leads, without any additional work, time, people or costs . . . it's learning to work smarter not harder through the use of systems.  

If you would like a complimentary 30 minute interview/strategy session on how to best build your very own custom built Strategic Strike system, please feel free to call toll free 888.230.2300.

To learn more about the six levels within Pre-Sales within the 5/30 Grid - Click Here

In our 20+ years of business development and marketing we have found that the best combination of marketing is sending both regular postcards through the postal system AND sending email marketing.

As fewer companies use printed marketing, printed marketing becomes more powerful when it is combined with other technologies.


Email Marketing
“Reaching beyond our dreams and goals in every area of our life.”

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Have you found that with all the methods of marketing that are now available, it is getting harder than ever to determine what types of marketing you should use to produce the quantity and quality of leads needed to achieve your overall company vision?
Email marketing is one of those things that has been overused by the wrong people, which leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth about this form of marketing.

Think about it . . . how powerful is it that someone, in seconds, can quickly glance at something and, if they have additional interest, can touch on a link and find out more information in minutes rather than taking hours to do the  research.


Email marketing, when used properly, is one of the most effective marketing tools we should be using.  

One of the most powerful aspects of email marketing is that there is technology available which will track every person who opens your email and then every individual who clicks through on a link.

Think about it . . . we now have technology available which will help us to:
* Know how effective our header/subject line is.
* Know how effective our content is in drawing people in.
* Pass information immediately to our salespeople of prospects who are interested and what they are specifically interested in.

With the right technology we are able to organize and produce more and better results than whole departments could do years ago, for a whole lot less money.

Our Marketing Resources should be fully integrated into our entire Business Operating System or BOS.  For detailed information on the value of building your very own BOS system - Click Here

We have found the MCAT system to be the most effective technology in this area.  Here is a video on how we are using the technology - Click Here

Mastermind Groups & Profitable Partnerships

Have you ever learned something, had the greatest intentions, but then didn't follow through?

Have you ever known you should take action and/or change your behavior, but then didn't do it?

We've all been there, which is why we have set up weekly Mastermind groups which help us to come together in an amazing way and helps anyone, who orders any of the above marketing resources, to follow through and take action.

Once you order any of the resources, one of the most important actions to take is to join the right Mastermind group to assist you in leveraging any of the Personality Masteries marketing resources and to assist you and your company in earning the most money.

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There are a number of weekly groups you may join.  To determine which group would be the best fit, call toll free 888.230.2300, ext. 222, for a complimentary interview/strategy session.

Get someone else to do the work for you!

Do you find that you are overwhelmed with everything which is already on your plate?

Are you the smart type of person who is always looking to get others to do the key things so you can earn a lot more money and work less hours?

There are some of our clients who desire to learn how to do every and then will follow through.  Most of our clients either do not want or feel they have the time to really learn/master everything so they bring on a Certified Virtual Assistant (VA).

From what we have found, Life Masteries Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has the most comprehensive VA Certification program in the world.  We have found that VA companies/individuals who have been certified through Life Masteries Institute are able to perform in a few weeks what most companies, employees, and individuals are not able to perform in months or even sometimes years.

To order the book - Click Here - and/or to find out additional information about creating massive success/profits through the use of other people.  If you would like a complimentary interview/strategy session please call  toll free 888.230.2300, ext. 222 for additional information.

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