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[Mark's Life Vision]  
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- Detailed History/Overview Of Mark's World Vision

[ Mark's World ]
Many people like to see where there may be some overlap as to where Mark's Life Vision, his focus, his passions meet with specifically what he is doing on a daily basis.  This is an active spreadsheet which Mark is very open to sharing with others.  If you do not have access to this document request it and Mark will likely share it.

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Mark is President of Synergy Solutions, Inc.  Synergy was founded in 1990 and is focused on helping companies build Business Operating Systems.  This is accomplish through the use of very powerful assessment tools, systems, technology, and media with the application of the 5/30 Grid , Personality Masteries , and Natural Laws .

[Community Based]
Over the years Mark has been involved in the founding of a number of community based organization.  Mark's belief is that community involvement is as natural to growing one's business as growing one's business is to giving back to the community.

Mark has such a passion for this that he co-authored a book with Tom Kunz, most recent past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.  Tom was also on the board of Easter Seals and helped raise over 100 million dollars for the great work Easter Seals invests into the lives of people.

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One of those organizations that Mark has traveled all around the world with is Life Masteries Institute (LMI) .  LMI is an amazing organization devoted to helping people reach beyond their dreams and goals in every area of their lives.

Mark Boersma, international author, speaker, and President of
Synergy Solutions, graduated with three Bachelor’s degrees: finance, management, and marketing. Upon graduating, Mark had six great job offers but decided to choose the riskiest one of all—a 100% straight-commission position with a tiny company that had only been in business for a year. Mark received two days of training, and then was pushed out into the field to sell.

Mark was confident that he would be successful as he had a great territory, was willing to work 60 to 80 hours a week and do whatever it took to reach his goals. After three months of getting no results, earning less than $1 an hour and not even being able to purchase curtains for his new home, Mark went into the president of the company and said, “Tony, I’m doing everything you guys are telling me to do and I’m getting killed.” Tony responded, “Mark, you have to be patient; it will often take between twelve and eighteen months to get good results.” Mark’s response was, “Tony, I don’t have twelve to eighteen months to wait. I need to do something right now.”

Fortunately for Mark, over the years he had started a number of his own small businesses. One was a computer business, so at the time, he had more computing power at his home than the entire company had. Mark went to work in the evenings and weekends to develop a sales tool which would help him turn things around. It took Mark one month to develop his first tool, and when he introduced it into his territory, he accomplished more in one week than he had in four months. This tool proved to be so successful that he continued to develop other tools that changed the way both he and the company did business forever.

Mark was promoted to regional manager six months after he joined the company, still was getting 100% straight commission and was also starting to build a sales force. The tools he implemented continued to expand and grow the company with such great success that within another six months, he was promoted again, this time to marketing manager. Eighteen months after that, Mark was promoted to vice president with an equity position in the company.

Mark was responsible for sales, recruiting, hiring, training, marketing, planning, business development, advertising, and systems development. Mark managed his team and built it from four straight-commissioned individuals to twenty-eight in three and a half years. His company was blessed with such great success that they went from one of the smallest firms in Illinois to one of the largest in the entire Midwest.

Due to the success of the systems Mark had developed, industry leaders commented that the company he worked for was ahead of the rest of their industry by over eight years. Mark also had the opportunity to serve on a number of corporate boards, one of which was a technology firm. Due to his international vision of making a difference in the lives of billions, Mark decided to start Synergy Solutions with the intent of building a conglomerate of 25 companies, each doing $60 million or more in business. In 1990, Synergy Solutions was born. Currently, the company is comprised of eleven divisions, which will become the foundation of those 25 companies.

Synergy provides solutions to professionals in different industries throughout the country, and Mark speaks all over the world regarding entrepreneurial development, team building, and personality assessment. Mark has also been published hundreds of times in industry publications and media worldwide. Mark has written a three book series entitled How to Get Your Business to Make a Profit Without You.

Mark additionally volunteers significant amounts of his time for non-profit and community-based organizations. His life vision statement is, “I passionately seek to be the best steward with all that I have been gifted, and desire to touch the lives of every single person in the world and make a huge difference in every area of their life.” Mark has been blessed with a marriage of 25 years and has seven wonderful children, ranging in age from 11 to 23 years old.

Mark has helped to start numerous successful companies and has started five non-profit organizations, two of which are international in focus.

Because Synergy Solutions provides so many tools, systems, and services it can often be confusing as to what Synergy really does. When Mark was asked how he describes the company, he said, “Synergy has been created to help people reach beyond their dreams and goals in every area of their lives. We have been blessed with outstanding tools, systems, processes, as well as people who all have a desire to make a difference in the lives of everyone we touch on a daily basis. The entire Synergy team has a passion to make a difference in the businesses and lives of those we serve.”

Whenever Mark invests his life into the lives of others, has a fervent desire to help them have more fulfilling relationships with those they love, to assist in tripling one’s effectiveness in their career, to increase one’s income, reduce the number of hours they work, reduce their stress, and improve their life balance. Whether you are talking to Mark one-on-one over the phone, attending a seminar/workshop he is leading, reading something Mark has published, attending a worldwide conference call, or listening to him on the radio – he seeks to change the way you see your life and the lives of those around you.

Mark Boersma – What Mark does in his spare time – Professionally and Community
• Assisting Stop Child Trafficking To Go From 1 million in contributions to 10 million. Mark is leading the plan development, full team development, systems and technology needed to help this worthwhile organization.
• One of three founders for Angels For Obesity
• Visited the White House to present plan to address obesity around the country
• Volunteer for Young Master Minds and entrepreneurial/leadership development program to build leaders and create massive job creation around the world.
• Mark writes a new book every 7 weeks – book topics range from Building A Successful CEO, Master Mind MAGIC, Personality Masteries, to books on life-ling relationship building, teen development, teen/adult suicide, goal setting, story books for kids.
• Mark is one of founders and on board of Life Masteries Institute a non-profit organization devoted to helping young people
• Mark co-authors books with CEO of large international organizations and companies. One of his most recent books is co-authored with Tom Kunz, recent past president of
CENTURY 21 International – Community/Business Partnerships
• Working with college and universities to partner together to bring entrepreneurialism and leadership training into classrooms around the world. Working to connect Life Masteries Institute to educational programs around the world to partner in helping to give kids the education, training, mentoring, resources, and networks to assist each child “Reach Beyond their dreams and goals in every area of their life.”
• Mark is working with the military in leadership development, family development, and how to have a balanced and fulfilling life.
• One of the founders for “Inspire A Child For Life” to help children set life goals and then follow-through with them.
• Is working on writing a book “Career Success” and a matching program to assist single moms to be more successful financially and start their own businesses.
• Mark conducts 21 weekly webinars and contributes over 20 hours of business, life development content a week to Life Masteries Institute, on-line university.
Mark Boersma – What Mark does in his spare time - Personally
• The Boersma Family Vision is to “Touch every single person in the world, one person at a time, make a huge difference in every area of their lives, in a fun and exciting way.” Mark & Rosanna have been married for 25 years; have 7 children ranging from 9 years old to 22 years old.
• Mark is working on authoring a book with his 15 year old daughter on teen suicide.
• Mark dates one of his children every day to develop deep personal relationships with them and learn from them some things that adults seem to have either forgotten or missed.
• Mark is co-authoring a book with his two nieces Olivia – 6 years old, and Brianna - 8 years old to write a book “Relationships For A Life Time.”

If you, or someone you know, has any of the above interest and/or passions and would like to see how you may be able to connect with Mark Boersma, his family, and/or his network, please call 888.230.2300 to find out specific details. If you would like some assistance on pursuing things you are passionate about email




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Mark Boersma


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