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What is your Life Vision?


The Vision
Assist single/stay at home moms, who need income, to support their children/families and would like to work from home. Our vision is to assist moms to learn how to become VA - Virtual Assistants, Executive Assistants, Sales/Marketing Assistants all while working from home, working the number of hours they desire, earning the income they need to earn to support their families.

Single & Working Mothers















The Story Behind The Vision

"As a young wife, woman, and new mother, I have come to realize how open my heart are to single moms. When I was 12 years old, I saw a stay at home mom, with four young children, the youngest two being twins who were nine months old, become a single mom.

Her husband left her and did not provide child support. She had a house, a mortgage, and a strong desire/need to work from home. I saw her start with minimum wage assembly line work from home, advance to making phone calls, then to sales, and then to a virtual executive sales/marketing assistant all while working from home.

This amazing mother was able to keep her home, work from home until all her children entered school, and raise some of the most amazing four children in the world.

This program is dedicated to all the single mothers, stay at home moms, and all those business owners/leaders who understand the amazing value these individuals bring to a company as expert virtual assistants.

GingerAnne Collins "

The How
We have made the process as easy as possible. The following are the simple steps to getting started.

1. Complete an online survey.
2. Complete phone interview.
3. After the survey and phone interview is completed you will be notified if you have been accepted into the program.
4. You will start the online training/mentoring program.
....a. As a part of the program, you will be trained to immediately start to build your own business opportunities.
....b. We recommend a couple of non paid internships which will provide you with valuable experience, references, networks, and maybe even your first clients. This is optional but strongly recommended.

Often Asked Questions

What is the cost?
There are no costs to go through Phase 1, the initial training and mentoring program. The funding for all the education comes from moms who have already gone through the program as well as businesses who are committed to excellence in VA - Virtual Assistants, and moms in general. Phase 1 training will equip a mom to get started as a VA and work her way up from there. The program has been created by using the most advanced business development tools and systems in the world. The estimated value of the program and mentoring is over $7,500.

What time is required?
While this will vary depending on the incoming skill of the woman, the average training will be roughly 10 hours a week, over a four week period of time.

How much money can I earn?
This will depend on a number of factors. The minimum goal/target we encourage those who graduate from the program to seek is at least $15 and hour and build it up from there.

How do I build my business?
A big part of what you will be doing is helping businesses/professionals in building their business, so a strong part of the training is learning to build your own business. You will become, over time, an expert in the 5/30 Business Solution Grid. There are five major areas within your business as well as any business. The training will assist you to learn how to market your business, do pre-sales, close the sale, service your clients, and then develop a client for life. There will be other experienced moms and business professionals who will help you build your business. Due to the reputation of past graduates of the program, the program has a very strong reputation so there are businesses that will approach the network/program as well. Those moms who do the best in the program will be given first opportunity for any new projects coming in.

What is expected of me?
Obviously you will be representing every past and future graduate and we as a group are only as good as our weakest graduate. It is expected that you always represent the program with honor and respect. As you have been mentored by others, it is expected that you will deeply mentor at least three other moms, and that you help to continue to enhance the program on an on going basis. It is encouraged that you give 5% of what you earn back into the program on an on-going basis. This is not required but is strongly recommended so the program can continue to be offered to more moms.







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