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"I don't know of anyone who has extra time. It comes down to PASSION and PRIORITIES. If there is no extra time in an owner's capacity, how does he finish all that needs to be done? A big advantage of a Virtual Assistant is that you don't have to hire or train a new employee. Ramp-up time is so much faster."

Mike Ratchford - Right PATH Marketing, LLC

"It became obvious to me that I needed to have a Virtual Assistant when I realized that I could only do so much and my staff could only handle so much. It only made sense for me to have a Virtual Assistant who I could turn projects over to and not have to worry about them."

Jewel Pendergrass - CENTURY 21 - LeMac Realty

"I do more with one part time VA now than what I could do with a whole marketing/sales department. I am so sold on the certification process through Life Masteries Institute, I would never contract with a VA who hasn't gone through and invested the time and dollars to become certified. Sometimes I think they know more than I do about my own business, they are that good. I love that they know exactly what needs to be done so I do not have to manage or direct them and do not have to teach them. They come in and get started right away."

Mark Boersma - International Speak/Author and
President of

"As past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., I lead over 140,000 professionals in over 70 different countries. All top professionals learn that they need to reproduce themselves by leveraging an experienced VA, especially one which has been certified through Life Masteries Institute. I have personally worked with a number of graduates and they are business owners in their own right. Their ability to leverage the 5/30 Grid and Personality Masteries is beyond anything I have ever seen. Amazing!"


Tom Kunz - CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.


Simple To Complex To Simple Principle  and how powerful VA's are "Do you ever feel like you have too much complexity in your business/life?  Do you ever feel like you're stuck in sales, profits, income, or even in personal growth?
Do you ever wish you could leap frog dimensions and accomplish a lot more in a lot less time?
This session could change the way you view things forever.  Listen close and you'll hear a story of our a VA - Virtual Assistant was able to accomplish more in 48 hours than a whole team was able to accomplish in two months.  Learning to apply the 5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries + Natural Laws will change the way we think . . . when we think in a different way . . . our actions change . . . and when our actions change our lives will be changed forever."  

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Synergy Team, I just have to say that I have been so pleased with VA's .It's as though I've had my own personal assistant in my office without having to deal with training, sick days, and benies. When I spent a few weeks in Australia last fall, I knew that VA was watching over my clients every week and it would look like I was doing the work. It's great to know that when I'm out of the office on vacation, VA's continues to work for me. VA has provided lots of great ideas for my key referral sources. It's been an exceptional way of keeping my A, B, and C clients "warm" with my not having to do the work of it. My A/B/C clients like it because it's not the usual "rah-rah" marketing pieces that they receive. It's information that helps them with their business and personal lives based on information about them that VA's helps gather. I found that the harder I worked with VA, the better it worked for me! Thanks, VA's, for helping build my business! Sincerely, Tom Ninness Cherry Creek Mortgage Company

Tom Ninness


Dear VA team,
I am really impressed with the VA system! It truly is the most amazing system I have ever seen. Kelly and Mark called me on a Wednesday, and the first batch of communications started going out on my behalf on Friday. I got a response almost immediately from a custom e-mail to one of my top 10 people, telling me how much she appreciated that I was so concerned about her wish to be able to spend more time with family. She said she could tell that I cared. Mark told me that I would find some recipients who wouldn't be interested in my help, and I'm even excited about that because I have so many more that I can add. I obtained the directories of several organizations I belong to and never realized how much potential I've been missing over the years.
I'm always so busy that it's been extremely hard for me to maintain consistency in building professional referral sources. It just makes good business sense for me to use VA's to develop any professional referral source, from a financial planner to an insurance agent, corporation, doctor, attorney, chiropractor, or any small business owner or employee. I was shocked at how easy it was for me and at the minimal amount of work that I had to complete. My VA team did almost all the work for me, and I really like the finished product. The communications are brief and to-the-point, loaded with ideas to get my referral sources thinking about how to improve their own business. But the best part is, they are directed back to me for more information, and I now become a partner in helping to expand their business. What a concept! Now that I have a personal sales assistant I can count on (VA), I can feed the system with names and information and know that consistent action will be taken on a regular basis. I have accomplished more in two weeks in implementing a turnkey referral development system than I have in the referral source area in the last ten years. Thanks, SAM development team, for helping me put systems in place which help my business to grow even when I'm not working on it.

Sincerely, Bob Donnelly Home Express Mortgage


Dear Team, I am very pleased by and satisfied with the information in all the materials you send to my clients and referral sources, not only with the all important content, but also with the equally important presentation. It is truly wonderful to see correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and complete sentences along with thoughtful and stimulating messages. What a great concept, but far from the norm in these days of "sound byte" messages. I am proud of the way in which I am represented in the TimelyTips newsletters, post cards, e-mails, and phone calls. If I have not already told you this, I have been remissed. If I have told you, it bears repeating. You guys are the best!

Synergy Team, I just want to say that my Realtors tell me how they are WOW'ed by the persistent, consistent communication that "I" send to my Realtors showing them that "Bob's for real, Bob's in the game." You and I know that it's not just what I'm doing; it's also thanks to ActionVision which helps me plan my every step so I can keep focused on the big pieces that are the most beneficial to my business; it's the dynamite combination of MaxSys {monthly newsletter system) and VA {e-mail/phone/mailing combo system} that are helping me build my referral base with much less stress and effort on my part - they help to carry the ball to the ten yard line so I can go in for the touchdown. What I especially like is how MaxSys and VA work together to show my referral sources that I'm serious about helping them build their business. MaxSys has a "homemade" feel to it that allows me to show how much I care for my referral sources and clients. VA gives this a different kind of twist to help me gain the trust and respect of my referral sources, while letting me help them with their business, in hopes of my gaining some of that new business they otherwise would not have had. Thanks for making my life run so much more smoothly, team. One of the best perks is that the time I save using these systems lets my wife and I visit our daughter and her family in Florida twice a year the past two years, where we never went more than once a year in the past.

Bob Donnelly Home Express Mortgage Chicago


Hello, Mark! In response to your questions about VA's, 1. Why do you believe having a VA as your sales assistant, is better than hiring a full-time person to do the development of your professional referral sources for you? A VA as an assistant is much better than hiring my own full-time person because the cost is less, but the knowledge base and skill level is much higher than what I could put together. The contact and marketing package that you have put together is very good and very full and complete. 2. What was your biggest fear in using VA's and how do you believe that fear could be overcome? The fear of VA's has been the unknown: how it really works, the perception of what the clients will think, etc. However, after using it for just a short time, I am seeing positive results. Sure, some prospective clients will get turned off, but my main concern is to get new clients. Therefore, I am not as concerned about prospective clients that I may not ever get anyway. Thanks for your help and efforts! Sincerely,

Bryon Pyle


Dear Mark,Words cannot express how much my business life has changed just knowing you and your team are in my corner. This month I am financing Andy Jackson's purchase of the Berckmoes property which he will lease option to a client who can't qualify right now. I am also financing Russ and Kristen Berckmoes purchase of their new home. Total of the two transactions is over one million dollars. These closings are the direct result of Synergy Solutions staying in touch with my clients for me through the SAMs program. I know I could not stay on top of all my daily workload and still touch 70 Realtors without help.Again, thank you and the Synergy Team for all your help.

Sean West Loan Consultant


Dear Synergy team, I began VA's in April '02. It provides me with conversation starters for my phone calls to my Realtors, and (even more importantly) it helps me gather information about them before I even make the first call. For the Realtors that I already had a relationship with before I began VA's, the system helps me keep in touch w/ them no matter how busy I am. A Realtor contacted me this week who I haven't spoken to in over a month and sent me a great lead! That wouldn't have happened if my referral source efforts were all dependent on me. VA's. was contacting these people even when I wasn't able to.Thanks again for all your help, team! SAM, Jr. is making a big difference in my business. Sincerely,

David Dykstra GSF Mortgage


Hi, Mark, Kelly Jon et al.! Wanted to share my VA's success with you: For my VA's calls this month (which I haven't made for three months), I left a simple message: "We've been sending you some free business-building ideas via post cards and e-mail. I'd like to know if you found them beneficial and want to continue receiving them. I only want to focus my energies on people who benefit from my efforts. Just call me and say 'yes' or 'no'. You wont hurt my feelings if the answer is 'no'. I simply want an answer." I got a couple of "no's" which isn't surprising! There will always be people who aren't interested in developing their businesses. I did, however, just receive a call back from a successful broker here in town who has 50 Realtors in his office. He said he loved the material and always reads it, and as soon asthey get moved into their new office, he wants me to come for an in-person presentation. Naturally, I have my presentation tools ready!! I want to emphisize I never spoken with this broker before, but because of what VA's has done for me bhind the scences. The conversation sounded like we were old friends. I also have one lunch appointment and one other great lead for a potential source of business! Boy, will I make sure to make my calls consistantly now that I see the benefit. Thank you for hanging in there with me!

Sean West


Thank you so much for taking the time to go to my company's web site and research the markering materials we offer our clients. Your most recent VA's contact did an excellent job in summarizing many of the web sites features. This is exactly the type of information I want to disseminate to my clients. Please continue the excelent work. I will continue to refer my clients to you for additional support and training. Thanks,

Dana Shawgo Senior Account Executive, Officer of ABN AMRO


Thanks for the help on VS's. It's going great so far! Did you know that Mark told me recently that I have increased my leads from referral sources by almost 400%? Working VA's and ActionVision together has been a real benefit to my business.Speaking of AV, Mark also mentioned that I had a 16% increase in work productivity in 2002. Since I'm officially more productive, I'll be taking that month-long vacation now! You guys can run my VA's for me while I'm gone.By the way, I had lunch with John (one of my referral sources on SAM) last Friday at his request. He was very interested in the program(s) that I am on with Synergy. He is looking for something to move him to the next level. You know, the one where he isn't riding the roller coaster of good and bad months. Of course, I talked your team up. Give him a call. I'm sure you will be able to win him over. Have a great day,

Don Crozier


Dear VA team, Thanks for all your help with contacting the referral sources I put on my VA system! I remember you saying not expect any (or very many) responses until I'd been on the program for 6 months, but I've only been on for two and a half, and already I've gotten four great responses! The system is warming up my referral sources up for me and helping me determine who's ready for some extra attention and who's still a lower-level prospect. That keeps me from wasting time on C's when I have warm A's and B's ready to speak with me. I look forward to developing even better relationships with the four people who have responded and getting more responses out of my other prospects. Thanks for all your help.Sincerely,

Ted Trulson Wealthbuilders Mortgage Corporation


Hi, Synergy Team! I just wanted to let you know how excited I am about my VA system and the great job Donna (my phone team leader) has done on my account. She gives me personalized service every month with each new mailing that goes out. We discuss the nature of the mailing and decide together how I want to approach my professional referral sources. The response from my referral sources has been overwhelming; I can expect to get at least 2 or 3 appointments every month that Donna sets up for me. In fact, one week I got 10! The thing that I like most about my VA system is that it helps me to stay in touch with my B and C prospects that I don't have time to contact every month. It also helps to keep me in constant touch with my A prospects! Donna is very likeable and warm on the phone; she gives my prospects the feeling that she is part of my team and that they are being touched by me directly, and not by an assistant who is just doing the work because I don't have the time. It's a very personalized call. I feel confident putting my reputation--and that of my company--in her hands. Thank you, Synergy, for helping me develop my business every day! Sincerely,

Chris Zadra









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