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Are you looking for a very different course?
My Story . . .  "When I shared with Life Masteries Institute that I wanted the course to change the lives of the members of our team who we put through the program, I thought it was a very tall order.  Even a few lessons into the course though, I can now see how it already is changing the way they think and approach situations.   I can see where every team member could benefit from going though the course."

         - Alan Stein, Tanglewood Conservatories

"Beyond experiencing the white paper on this topic of Sticky Messages, the course has helped me gain more business for my new company .  The lessons help you learn the key points more deeply and give you concrete ways to apply it.  As my team seeks more efficiency and return, I have found the results increasing greatly in our marketing! We get more interaction, more leads, which ultimately means more work for my team and my new business.  It's great!"

- Karen Carlson, business owner and entrepreneur

"Sticky Messages goes beyond the basic 'improve your business' tips... It not only helped me a lot in my professional goals, but I am seeing benefits in my personal life too.  This course gave me a good look at my personal communication style and has helped me learn how to interact with even family and friends in a more purposeful way.  The core concepts and great application through the lessons takes it to another level in all areas of your life and allows you to share a better message.

f you want to improve your life balance and overall communications, I would recommend you consider this course and bring someone with you!" - Mark Elkins, business owner

"For me the Sticky Messages course has changed how I communicate in every area of my life .  I believe this course will actually be the key to helping me get my business to run without me.  It is that powerful. "  

- Mark Boersma

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