My Ideal Partnership
Anyone that is ready to move forward, share referrals, and ultimately bring benefit to one another’s business and life.  I enjoy connecting with people of all different industries.

What I Bring To A Partnership

With everything I’m involved with, I bring a wide network to the partnership and a great desire to truly help you.  I look for opportunities in a creative way and am ready to explore those.  Taking each day as a gift and have a deep purpose, vision for moving ahead, I can bring a certain energy to any partnership and my background in creating financial health, a level of credibility.  

How I Make Money - My Ideal Lead

Infinite Banking Practitioner / Financial Planner; Business owners wanting to maximize profitability / Family needing to transfer wealth to kids and grandkids / Couples or Individuals planning for retirement income

Legacy Partner Certification
- Certified to provide solutions to business owners to assist owners to get their businesses to run without them.

White Papers
Steve Recommends

Online Courses
Steve Recommends

Valuable Resources

Discover Your Life Vision
The Secret About Time
Solve Your Biggest Challenge

Are you over 60 and want to love life more?  Do you know someone over 60 you would love to help?


Personality Masteries
Identify someone’s personality in 15 seconds!  The most amazing course!


My Life Vision
Steve, you would have your life vision in here and then they could click on your profile which would then ask permission from you to gain read access to this document.

Please Clone Me
Do you ever wish there were two of you? Do you find yourself running out of time? Imagine. . . having systems which will reproduce you


Profitable Partnerships
Build a system to develop Profitable Partnerships with a lot of individuals.


My Story
Steve like most of us, is still working on figuring out how amazing of a person he really is and how to share his gifts and talents with others.  We think you’ll find his story most interesting.  

Profitable Partnerships. .WIN
Are you looking for ways to generate more and better leads and much greater profits


Learn how to build a bigger engine, to increase income, reduce hours worked . .


My Journal
Some of the most interesting things I’ve discovered which have changed my life forever is as a result of being consistent in writing in my journal.  I welcome feedback and thoughts and masterminding together.  

Additional White Papers

I am actively involved with The Vision Project network which provides an invaluable worldwide network for myself and my partners. 

. . . Additional White Papers

Additional Personal & Professional Courses

I am actively involved with The Vision Project network which provides an invaluable worldwide network for myself and my partners.  

. . . Additional Courses

Sharing Resources
Steve is all about sharing resources with others as it can help them.  Here is one to get you started on developing your database or getting things done:

Memory Jogger

Slight Edge Strategies



What is your Life Vision?



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