How does one's Life Vision help them earn you a lot more money? "Wow, I never connected all my passions and my energy to my Life Vision and how that can help me earn a lot more money while working less hours!  I wish I would have discovered this years ago!  This makes whatever one does for a living, come alive, in new and exciting ways.  Thank you!"  - Kevin King -  http://www.thevisionproject. net/Over60LovingLife.htm


Speed Networking

Are you looking for profitable connections?  "My new mastermind group for women has been amazing and it's in large part due to the speed networking I've done each month!  This is not only a lot of fun, but it's profitable as well.  When people share their Life Vision in speed networking it transforms your connection with people in seconds!"   - Rosanna Boersma


Wins and Biggest Challenges
Crazy, amazing and exciting!  "Have you ever had the answer right under your nose and you just couldn't see it . . . and then someone pointed it out?  I love to hear all the wins from others as it gives me specific things I need to do do produce those same times of wins!"   - Edward Kirch -  http://www.thevisionproject. net/DNAforBusiness.htm


Do people frustrate you?   "How much money do we lose every month, just because we do not know how to communicate with people.  I discovered today that everyone's Life Vision is driven very much by their personality.  I now know how to tap into the very DNA of someone's purpose for being on this planet!  Love it!"  
- Karen Carlson -  http://www.thevisionproject. net/CoffeeConnections.htm



What does my Life Vision have to do with the income I earn? "I did not know the answer to that question, but I do now.  Wow, what a difference this is going to make for me and my business.  It's almost like ti gives me freedom to be who I was really designed to be!" - Bruce Brankle -  http://www.thevisionproject. net/MastermindSeminarsInfo.htm


DNA  for  LIFE
How do I achieve my full potential?  "Learning how to discover my own personal Life Vision was a breakthrough of a life time!  It really was!  Think about it . . . once we know our Life Vision, why we were put on this planet, it's like, everything else becomes clear.  Thank you so much!"   
- Mark Elkins -  http://www.thevisionproject. net/Dimensional_Living.htm



How can I learn to be more committed and consistent? "This was so clear so quickly to me.  Discover My Life Vision, have it deeply penetrate my heart and soul and the connect everything I do, to My Life Vision and now I become passionate, committed and consistent to everything.  Wow !"  
- Teresa Lekan - http://www.thevisionproject. net/Sticky_Messages.htm


Great Things & Next Month

Are you ready?   "I was excited a year ago when I started Mastermind Seminars but now I'm even more excited.  In many ways, people should go through this event first.  Discovery of My Life Vision gives me freedom to use my God given gifts in the most amazing way!  The next 12 months will change my business as it will myself!  Thank you for each individual, company and organization who has contributed.  I will seek to refer you all a great deal of business!"   - Peter Schmitz -  http://www.thevisionproject. net/DNAforBusiness.htm

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