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Are you or someone you know a procrastinator? What is our procrastination and/or the procrastination of those around us costing us? Ben, one of the authors of this book was a self professed life time procrastinator and it was costing him over $500,000 a year. Ben says "If I can overcome procrastination . . . then anyone can!" We will learn the value of discovering our own life vision and how a strong enough life vision will help us to stop procrastination, will help us to earn more money, work less hours, have less stress, have greater life balance and see greater success in every area of our life.The introduction is a great history of not only the book but the natural laws we will be learning throughout the book/project to Stop Procrastinating - RIGHT NOW! ($9.95)

Chapter 1 - Analytical
Do you or someone you know procrastinate due to thinking it must be done perfect or we shouldn't even start it? Or maybe, you feel that no one can do it as well as you can, and you have lots of data, and real life experiences to prove that. In this session we not only learn how to help the analytical personality to stop procrastination but we'll learn a lot of other natural laws which will change the way we see life: 1. Law Of Learning - Can learn from anyone - Story of 7 year old Brianna and how to motivate people, 2. The NEXT Dimension Principle, 3. The 3 for 1 Principle & Stewardship, 4. The 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters, 5. 80/20 Rule, 6. 4 Steps To Great Leadership - This chapter will blow your mind. ($9.95)

Chapter 2 - Driver
Do you ask yourself why everyone else around you procrastinate so much and you are always the one picking up the pieces and paying the price for others? The driver personality tends to be the individual that takes action very quickly and often will not procrastinate, at least as it relates to the tasks getting done. Sometimes people and relational issues may not get addressed as quickly as the tasks which is painful for those in relationships with a driver personality. The 4/16 Principle along with: 1. The Teenage Principle, 2. The Adult Principle, 3. Learning the power of a network and master mind groups - Napoleon Hill in the 1920's discovered., 4. The 5 H's, and 5. Connecting our talents/passions into our Life Vision. are amazing natural laws which will help every personality procrastinate less. ($9.95)

Chapter 3 - Expressive
Do you find yourself procrastinating but not really sure that you remember what you were procrastinating about? The expressive personality often doesn't look at it like they are procrastinating as they simply do not want to do something any more as it is no longer fun to do and there are a lot more exciting things they have decided to do. In this session we also learn the natural laws: 1. Gaining the freedom from the hold of time - give back 10%+, 2. Produce more than we consume, 3. Understanding the power of the combination principle, 4. Owning a company vs. Owning a Job, 5. 7 Minutes To Financial Success series - How freedom from the pursuit of money will give us much more time., 6. The 5/30 Business Grid - When we learn and apply the natural laws to all areas of our life we will see greater success in less time and have a lot more fun doing it. ($9.95)

Chapter 4 - Amiable
Do you find that you say "Yes" to most everything, that you're giving, loving, and want to please everyone else? Do you find that people often take advantage of you and then get made at you because you procrastinate? The amiable personality will tend to take on far too much, will try to please everyone, will say "Yes" to most everything, "No" to almost nothing, will connect and help everyone else out and then wonder "Why can't I keep up with everything and why to I procrastinate so much?" In addition to learning a great deal about the amiable personality we'll also learn about the natural laws: 1. The value of trust, 2. How different personalities gain/lose trust, 3. Learning to trust quickly, 4. The Magic Atomic Ball principle - "The ability to overcome hurt very quickly and turn that pain into gain." Not allowing past hurt to cause us to have FEAR / Procrastination. When we learn how we/others are built, we can control out personality/energy rather than having our energy control us. ($9.95)

Chapter 5 - Chameleon
Are you the type of personality which seems to procrastinate at times, but then other times you are a machine? Do you have a hard time figuring yourself out and when you're "Hot" you are really "Hot" but when you are "Cold" you are really "Cold?" The chameleon personality is so interesting as they possess all the personalities which gives them a lot of energy. This energy will cause a lot of inner conflict which feels not so good, but is actually a wonderful gift. Natural Laws we will learn: 1. The DEEP understanding of Truth., 2. How different personalities will see different truths.,
3. If the Truth hurts it was meant to., 4. Don't worry about why/how someone delivers truth - The weakness of "Deliver the Truth in Love." 5. The Truth Will Set Us FREE - ....a. How we are all in slaved to things. ....b. Why we like being in slaved - short term vs. long term ....c. The value/cost of freedom. A great learning lesson for all personality types. ($9.95)

Now that you've learned so much, at least head wise, what actions will you take with what you have learned? Will you really stop procrastinating? Will you gain the freedom? Will you help others stop procrastinating as well? Maybe you will start a master mind group yourself and actually learn how to earn money by helping those around you to stop procrastinating. Who would have believed? ($9.95)

Taking Action
By taking action, by having a plan, by having a large enough life vision, and by surrounding ourselves with others who take rapid action, we will see amazing long term success. Start strong and FINISH STRONGER! ($9.95)


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