Thank you!  Only two weeks in and I know it's one of the best business
decisions I have ever made.

Dear Synergy Solutions,

I just wanted to connect with you and thank you for the amazing training you provide to each one of your ActionVision consultants!  I was cautious about moving forward, concerned on the return on investment, that the coaching would not be in person but over the phone / webinar, and the amount of time I would need to invest.

It's amazing to me that with all these concerns I had that I even went forward to be honest with you.  Your consulting team knew me so well that they actually were a little tough with me in "sales process" and kind of kicked me in the butt and pushed me pretty hard.  When I look back on this, I'm a little surprised that I didn't look at it as a hard sell as that is what I normally would have.

I thanked my lead coach the other day, for pushing me as I can now see what an amazing decision I made.  I still can't believe it's only been two weeks.  Honestly your coaching team, system, and process are so amazing.  I get the BOS - Business Operating System, love Personality Masteries, and the Natural Laws are life changer.

Probably what I love the most is that my executive coaching team actually has a larger vision than I do and it's stretching me.  I am seeing so many new opportunities for both my business as well as myself.  It's like we've talked about becoming a solution provider for years but never really knew what that meant.  Now I know!

Adding new revenue streams, developing Profitable Partnerships, maybe becoming a speaker and author and developing powerful systems which get my business to run without me . . .
I now see it!  

Thank you!
Bruce Brankle

PS. Quick note, the phone and the webinar actually is more powerful then meeting someone in person. I get to see my business plan, all kinds of stats, natural laws, models at a convenient time for me .  I was concerned and now I love it!


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