Relationships with Children/Parents - Overview

Have you ever struggled connecting with your child? Do you desire a stronger and deeper relationship with your children? This amazing new series is a MUST for every parent who desires to develop a more in-depth relationship with their children. This series will also help children understand more about their parents and give them some important tips and ideas on how to connect and better relate to their parents. The analytical personality is typically a first-born child. This amazing lesson shows insight behind why this child will succeed in specific areas and what areas will hold them back. Have you ever had your child say "You don't understand me"? Discover how the analytical child may have more insight into this phrase than most parents will want to admit. Learn how to encourage them to make mistakes and discover the importance of making faster decisions. Great lesson for both parent and child to go through. Laugh and learn together as you discover secrets about each other and how to connect on a deep level. 55 minutes of instruction, insight, and learning and 10 minutes of Q&A, discovery, and much more ($19.95)


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