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Time Management - Amiable - (Shape: Circle // Pain: Conflict) WOW, this session was incredible! If you are an amiable, do you ever struggle trying to get a task accomplished and please people at the same time? This 35 minutes of expert instruction along with the 25 minutes of Q&A will help you to understand the amiable like you've never understood them in the past. If you are an amiable, you will learn how to use your strengths in working with people to build your career and if you are another personality, this session will help you to learn how to tap into the heart, desire to please people, and tenacity of the amiable to assist you have have stronger relationships, get more done, and to see greater success in every area of your life. A bonus to this session is a key to understanding the heart of an amiable and 5 questions to ask the special woman in your life (or for that special man in your life to ask you) to connect deeply into her heart. ($19.95)

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