Closing The Sale-

Have you ever worked with someone you are not able to close? Do some of your prospects drive you crazy with how long it takes to close the sale and/or how much data they need to make a decision. Closing the sales with the analytical: Shape: Cube // Pain: Not being done properly and in order - Do you/others struggle with making quick decisions? Is your procrastination costing you money in your business? Or maybe you have a client whom you have been unable to close a sale due to a difference in personalities. This session is dynamic as it opens up all the secrets to selling to an analytical. Every personality will benefit from learning how the analytical personality thinks and what causes them to take action? Going through this lesson we learn how to modify ours and the behavior of others to make faster decisions, connect with other clients like us, and learn how to mirror their personality. We also learn how to identify an analytical we are selling to and what types of selling techniques will cause them to say "yes". 47 minute lesson followed by 14 minutes for Q&A. Learn the 12 steps to making faster and better decisions. ($19.95)


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