Pay It Forward White Paper

Have you ever thought about writing a book?  

Are you looking to impact the lives of people AND grow your business WITHOUT you have to do any more work and IDEALLY less?

Co-Author a white paper and it will only take you 1 hour to co-author something that will change the lives of people around you as it will your own life.  It took me 10 years to write my first book.  I wish someone had offered this opportunity to me as it would have helped me to write my first book in months rather than years.  

Yes . . . believe it or not, it will only take you one hour to become a co-author of a Pay It Forward white paper.  

Take 20 minutes to read the attached white paper and . . . Imagine . . . you being one of the co-authors of this very white paper with three other people who can partner up with you in this exciting journey.

* When you are an author people respect you more.
* Will make you look really good to your network.
* Will generate more business opportunities for yourself.  
* White paper will reproduce you.
* You will reach people you never would.
* Your network will start to grow in a viral manner.  - Without you doing all the work -

Easy To Get Started
* If you have an E-VA they can actually do all the work for you.  :-)
* Select 3 other co-authors.  Choose people who have strong / large networks of people.  
Connections ideally which will grow your business.
* Connect with your E-VA, ActionVision coach or your Mastermind Seminars / Partnerships mentor.

These are the steps to take to customize the Unlimited Potential white paper to your own group of four co-authors.

The key to making this happen and not taking a lot of time is to "Kill it Quickly."  Don't worry about it being perfect.  You can always upgrade it.

7 Detailed Steps . . .
  1. Make a copy of the white paper.  
      a. Put a photo of everyone on the new one.
      b. Pull down the four co-authors from the original, probably the last page or next to the last page, from the copy you made, write a short thank you to them as well as others who have contributed to the Pay It Forward White Paper.
      c. The second part of the Version should have your own unique code - Life Masteries will give that to you.

  2. Have all four co-authors read the white paper.

  3. Meet with all co-authors and interview them all together for one hour.  Come up with questions to ask them.  Maybe have each of the four choose 3 to 4 of the 15 points which will be their's.  
      a. Ask them questions which then give you the ability to tweak the points, add a story, etc.
      b. Don't worry about it being perfect you / they can always tweak it.

  4. Give them access to the document and give them one week to make any changes to the first draft.  Set a hard date for version one.  Most people won't make changes until after it's released which is fine.  Get it out there and then clean it up.

  5. Create a short paragraph as to the unique difference / perspective your team took on Unlimited Potential.  There will be sub selections in the one we set up within  People will then be able to see all the different versions and the slant that each version took.  This one paragraph will "sell" the person who is reading it on getting your version.  NOTE: You will be able to drive them directly to your sign up where they will sign up for you white paper.  Life Masteries Institute will be marketing these as a whole group.

  6. Work to get a global group of targets (Box 1) which will all be marketed to.  I would even recommend that each group set up their own account which can have up to 2,000 people without having to pay anything.  

      - NOTE:  There is a NEW Legacy Partnership which could open up a whole new world to people and could monetize Life Masteries Institute overall IP library.  This is a very cool idea actually.  :-)

    7. Assist each co-author in setting up their own 5/30 Grid which then will connect into everyone else's 5/30 Grid.  Together we can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own. :-)



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