Obtain A Massive Return On Investment

As we go through the workbook, we'll see that there are decades of many individuals experiences which are shared with us freely.  The $25 per book JUST covers the printing of the book and nothing else.  

By contributing something monthly we are not only helping to bring these powerful resources to others but we're also helping ourselves to better follow through.  Most people who buy books, actually don't read them and those who read them very few will actually follow through with what they've learned.

The More We Give . . . The More We'll Get!

By contributing monthly, in an automatic format, it conditions our brain to think . . . "Hmmmm, I'm contributing monthly so I better not only read the workbook, but start / attend a Coffee Connection, but I should follow through with the assignments.

The more generous we are with our monthly contribution, the more we'll get from the workbook.  If we give $5/month, we'll get $5+/month something in return.  If we contribution $1,000/month, we'll get $5,000+/month in return.  To get the most return, commit the very most we can monthly or even weekly and test if you don't make a larger commitment AND then obtain a larger return.

Weekly Contribution Amount

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