Master steps pressure points - Overview
Have you ever had this feeling deep in your gut that your organization was not reaching it's full potential? When we learn to track all our efforts and connect those to our results we learn very quickly that we will see a lot more success in a lot less time. ($19.95)


What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Area 5: Client for Life
Level 3: Track All Efforts & Results

Is generating $10,000 on a client better than $5,000? Most individuals would say "Yes" but fail to realize that we really need more information. What were the Area 1: Marketing costs to generate that lead? What were the Area 2: Pre-Sales costs to move that lead closer to the sale? What were the costs for Area 3: The Sale? What were the costs for Area 4: Servicing to service that client, and what were the costs to turn that client into an Area 5: Client For Life? What were the other business opportunities that you obtained from that lead? If your costs for the $10,000 were $9,000 and your costs for the $5,000 were only $3,000 then the $5,000 client is actually much better. This 32 minute lesson will help you see things in a different way and the 27 minutes of Q&A will help you to understand what questions others are having as well. ($19.95)











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