What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Send Monthly News Letters . . . - Overview

Have you ever had the gut feel that you were missing a lot of potential as a result of not tapping into your current/past clients/donors? There are systems which can be put in place which will help us to do this automatically. Also discussed is the Lion King Principle and how it applies to community based organizations - business - as a country . . . really any area of our life. Drilled into more detail on how to master the concepts from Napoleon Hill in "Whatever the mind and conceive and believe, it can achieve." ($19.95)

Area 5: Client for Life
Level 1: Send Monthly Relationship Newsletter

Every business owner, everywhere in the world, says "I want my business to make a profit without me," but so few actually ever make it happen. Why? It's often because business owners and sales professionals lack the discipline to put the systems in place which will get their business to run without them. If you don't put the right systems in place you really have no one to blame but yourself if you're not earning the money you want and working the hours you want to work. Relationship mailing is one of those systems you MUST have. What's sad is that this system is actually very easy and inexpensive to do, but still very few take action and follow through. ($19.95)












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