What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Why Prospects Are Lost . . . - Overview

Have you ever wished you could figure out a way to not lose donors and/or volunteers? Would you like a system which would help you determine why prospects are lost and then help to prevent that from happening in the future? We also talk about Rings Of Influence and how this helps leadership to realize how we are really much less important than we think we are and how it helps us to keep perspective. Dreams and Hope are also discussed and how to help others around us to realize their full potential. ($19.95)

Area 3: The Sale
Level 3: Why Prospects are Lost


What would happen in a war if 90% of those who fought, died? We probably would not win too many wars. That's what happens with most businesses in that 90% of the prospects they generate in marketing do not convert. Why? No one really knows. Now . . . we think we know but we never really do. Why? It's because we don't research the losses. Why? We never really think about it, we don't have the right mindset, we're too busy, and we don't know how to contract this work out. This 34 minute lesson along with 29 minutes of Q&A will help you to SEE things you may have never thought about, UNDERSTAND things you have never understood, and take action and DO things which could double your income while reducing your time/costs. ($19.95)









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