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Would you like to gain more referrals?  Do you know that some professionals/business have built such an amazing referral system that they get all their business as a result of referrals?  Do you ask for referrals?  If you do not, you'll learn how to do so in this training session.  Do you ask for referrals in the right way?  This session will give you the science of asking for referrals in the best way.  It is amazing what one simple act, consistently done, can do for one's business.  Apply this lesson and share it with every other business owner you know.  As we help others, they will help us.  Great session!  (17 Minutes Of Powerful Learning - free session)
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What is your Life Vision?

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Ask Key questions
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What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Scripting for asking level questions will help us to draw people in to talk with us. Level 2 questions will help us quickly determine if they are a good prospect. Level 3 questions are designed to position us to close the sale quickly, and Level 4 is used if prospect is an analytical or amiable. Simple lesson which helps us to master Level 1 and understand requirements to build Level 2, 3, and 4 questions. (FREE Lesson Below)

Area 3: The Sale
Level 1: Ask Key Questions

Have you ever invested a lot of time, money and effort into generating leads and then not converted a lead into a sale? Actually 9 out of every 10 leads that the average business produces, they don't get paid on. Think about it, that's 90% of the time, money and work that you do, your business never actually generates even $1 on. How will you ever get to your WOW income/sales goals if you aren't getting paid on 90% of the work you do? The answer is "You won't!" What can be learned in 32 minutes? This lesson will set the foundation for what every sale is based on . . . asking the right great questions. 23 minutes of Q&A will help you to connect this lesson to every other aspect of your business. ($19.95)






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