What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Tracking 100% of Leads - Raising Funds For A Worthwhile Cause . . . - Overview

When we are seeking to raise money for a great cause we often forget that we need a system, as much, or maybe even more than a business does. This Box - Tracking 100% of leads is probably one of the boxes in the 5/30 Grid that often gets overlooked at great cost. If we track 999 leads out of 1,000 that 1 lead that we fail to track could could us literally over a million dollars. This is one of the easiest boxes to follow through on, and one of the easiest to drop and no one will notice. The full session we also cover exciting things like the Breaking Free model to help people see break throughs in their personal and professional lives. Other natural laws that we cover are - Dreams/Hope Principle - Reasons people do not do things and a whole lot more. ($19.95)


Area 2: Pre-Sales
Level 1: Track 100% of Leads

Week 1: Track 100% of Leads

How hard is it to track a lead properly? It would seem like it's a pretty easy process, when in fact it's not. In 32 minutes, natural laws, systems, and processes are shared in a way that will help you to not only understand at the surface level but to help motivate you to track 100% of your leads . . . forever! 28 minutes of Q&A helps you learn from the experiences of others and will help to motivate you to take action.

Week 2: Quality Of Efforts

Often . . . if you can just tweak your marketing, your pre-sales, just a small amount, you can convert just 1 additional lead out of 10. This one small tweak could double your sales, without any additional leads, without spending any additional money. If it was easy, you probably would have already done it. What's nice is that when you know the right actions to take, in the right way, at the right time, with the right people, systems, and processes, you can change the way you do business forever. A 29 minute lesson with 30 minutes of Q&A. ($19.95)





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