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3. Process

Measure Results - Area 1: Marketing . . . - Overview

Why is it so important to measure all our marketing efforts and results? Marketing is the front for everything we do in business and if we market improperly our costs for this mistake will continue throughout the entire company. Learning the advantages of tracking will also carry over to every other area and throughout everyone of the 30 boxes within the 5/30 Grid. ($19.95)

Area 1: Marketing
Level 4: Measure Results

Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 says that this is one of his favorite lessons in the 5/30 Grid. It really bothered Tom a lot when any one of his 140,000+ agents in over 70 countries did not know their numbers. He had some choice words for them. If you think you know your numbers really well, be prepared to learn some great things in this 35 minute lesson. If you don't know your numbers, you'll learn the importance of changing your ways in the lesson and the 25 minutes of Q&A. ($19.95)










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