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Take The 30 Day Challenge AND Turn It Into Money
Alan Stein President of www.tanglewoodconservatories. com decided to take The 30 Day Challenge and asked who he could manage / communicate Up/Out to.  Read this email direction to Alan and you're learn not only how to turn your 30 Day Challenge in MONEY but how to help others.

WOW . . . Someone actually took action and went through all ten of the videos!
It's always amazed me as to how many people on this planet say they have time management challenges but then aren't able / willing to go through ten short videos one a day.  Almerry shocked me when she said she went through all ten of them in one sitting.  I thought . . . now that's one smart lady.  Think about it . . . to get through all ten of them it takes slightly more than one hour. 

Yes . . . that's right one hour!

Have you ever thought that time was like money and those who don't use their money well often have very little money left?  What if the same were true with time?  Hmmmm maybe it is?  Think about it . . . "Who do you give the most important work to?"  It's the person who has the most on their plate.  Why?  We know that the busiest person often is the person who will get even more work done.

If you haven't gone through the ten videos OR if you did go through them are they don't seem to be working check out this case study.

Duke & Almerry Discover Some Very Interesting Things

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