Could systems earn you a lot more money?
"That was the question I asked myself and wow did this even ever come through for me!  I have four businesses and now I understand how one BOS - Business Operating System will run them all!  I am sharing all the videos from this event with everyone I know!" -
Karen Carlson 


Speed Networking

What am I really looking for?
"I came to the event looking specifically how I could improve my E-VA (Executive Virtual Assistant) systems and blend that into my Profitable Partnership system and I found that answer in the speed networking session!" 
-Edward Kirch 


Wins and Biggest Challenges

I found it!
"I was practicing deep listening and heard how others were taking their business systems (DNA) and implanting it into the systems of others for everyone's benefit!  This was worth it's weight in gold." 
-Kevin King


Imagine changing people's lives in minutes!
"The AWESOME Women mastermind group is touching the lives of women all around the world and I discovered how to incorporate Personality Masteries, the DNA for PEOPLE into my mastermind group in a more effective way.  Thank you!"  -Rosanna Boersma - AwesomeWomen.htm



What is one thing that is holding me back in doubling my income?
"I discovered today that if I make one small tweak to my 5/30 Grid that it could double my income AND reduce the number of hours I work.  Crazy how a few minutes can change the way we see things!"
Mark Elkins


DNA  for  LIFE
Why am I stuck?
"It's so interesting to me that I can do 99% of the things right and still not make a breakthrough.  Now I have the confidence that I can Fine Tune My Systems and with on small change it will make a huge difference!"  -Bruce Brankle

How can I be a better listener?

"One of the challenges I personally face is that I don't listen well.  I hear the words people are saying, at least most of the time :-), but I'm not listening to the big picture and listen toward taking action and implementing!  This segment was a life changer!" 
Peter Schmitz
Great Things & Next Month
What happens . . . after I feel like quitting?

"Have you ever felt like quitting?  I know a few months ago I felt like dropping out of this group and I stuck with it.  I am so glad I did.  It's true . . . the massive successes in life happen right after we push through.  This was a massive help in more than just business!  Thank You!"
  Teresa Lekan












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