"Have you ever had a business lunch were it did not turn into business?  Have you ever had an amazing business opportunity almost slip away or how many opportunities have we just let slip by and never even knew it?  This case study is about a couple of business owners who planned on having a quick business lunch and turned it into a lot of business before the lunch was done.  

[Case Study]

Action Steps To Success . . .     - Don't just listen to the case study but pass it along to someone you would like to have the same experience with.  After they listen to this case study they will want to do the same thing with you.    - Order a printed copy of the workbook "The Golden Triangle"  - click here for information to order printed copy   -     - Give a printed copy of the workbook (very important that it is printed and not "just" a pdf) to the key targeted potential referral partner and/or client.  


"Personality Masteries
is so powerful and the Marketing Resources library you have built . . . WOW just amazing!  
Most people don't think of
CPA's as being the most innovative types of people, but the resources you make available are changing the way I do business.  Thank you!" 
Scott Allred - CPA



Dr. Pam Straker  (Ph.D. in Psychology)
"This is the fastest, easiest, most powerful program/system for understanding personalities I have ever seen. It is presented in a way that anyone can understand and use every day in every area of their lives."


Dr. Gregory Simpson  (Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry)
"I have never seen anything like this.  It is helping me personally and professionally.  It is a scientific process for understanding people, which anyone can understand. I use what I have learned EVERY day!"


Tom Kunz, past President  - CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.
“As past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., leading over 140,000 sales professionals in over 70 countries, I had the privilege to be exposed to every major personality assessment in the marketplace.  When I went through the Level 1 Certification, I have to tell you, it changed my life forever.  

For the first time in my life I saw, at the deepest core, who I really was and why.  I understood things about myself that I never even realized I didn't know.  I immediately applied what I learned to my kids, their spouses, my wife, and even my ex-wife.  The certification program is so powerful, so easy to go through, and so inexpensive that I believe every single person should gain the benefit of going through the course.

From a professional/business position it helps us understand in seconds our peers, those we lead, our vendors, owners, partners and, most importantly, our clients, in a way I never even dreamed of.  We see their world through their eyes!  This enables us to market better, sell more effectively, service in the way that client wants to be serviced, and create clients/ and elationships for life.

The ease of picking up this knowledge surprised me and the depth of materials and resources which are available excited me.

I wish I had had this invaluable understanding decades ago.  I would have made it a requirement for every single person in our company.”



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