As a community based organization working very hard to stop child trafficking, I was stunned by how quickly David and Jerry were able jump in and help us.

They partnered with us in building a plan to raise over 10 million dollars.

They opened doors, gave us access to their VA's - Virtual Assistants, started a monthly LIVE Event and were able to help us get a ton of media / press which turned into donations very quickly.

We, in turn, have worked to promote them to over 100 professionals at a golf event, mentioned them in the press, had photos taken with them and are working to connect them to key businesses and other community based organizations to drive business to them.

It's an amazing group of people who are all helping raise money for a great cause and, just as importantly, growing their businesses all at the same time.

It's incredible and a lot of fun!

Rodney Daniels
Home of Hope Texas

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