Do you need
more time?

If you had an extra 10 hours a week, how much more money would you earn?

Are there key marketing and/or sales actions which you do not get done, causing you to have a roller coaster effect in your sales?

Have you ever thought
of contracting with
a VA - Virtual Assistant?

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“I don't know of anyone who has extra time. It comes down to PASSION and PRIORITIES. If there is no extra time in an owner's capacity, how does he finish all that needs to be done? A big advantage of a Virtual Assistant is that you don't have to hire or train a new employee. Ramp-up time is so much faster.”

Mike Ratchford - Right PATH Marketing, LLC
I can only
do so much
“It became obvious to me that I needed to have a Virtual Assistant when I realized that I could only do so much and my staff could only handle so much. It only made sense for me to have a Virtual Assistant who I could turn projects over to and not have to worry about them.”
Jewel Pendergrass - CENTURY 21 - LeMac Realty
“I do more with one part time VA now than what I could do with a whole marketing/sales department. I am so sold on the certification process through Life Masteries Institute, I would never contract with a VA which hasn't gone through and invested the time and dollars to become certified. Sometimes I think they know more than I do about my very own business, they are that good. I love that they know exactly what needs to be done so I do not have to manage or direct them and do not have to teach them. They come in and get started right away.”

Mark Boersma - International Speak/Author and
President of

“As past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., I lead over 140,000 professionals in over 70 different countries. All top professionals learn that they need to reproduce themselves by leveraging an experienced VA, especially one which has been certified through Life Masteries Institute. I have personally worked with a number of graduates and they are business owners in their own right. Their ability to leverage the 5/30 Grid and Personality Masteries is beyond anything I have ever seen. Amazing!”

Tom Kunz - CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.


Many times when someone thinks of a VA, they think of someone returning their calls or doing administrative work. While that is true with many VA's, it's not the case with the few who graduate (the program is so intensive that only 29% actually graduate from the program) from the intensive certification program.


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“A Virtual Assistant will improve the systems and processes of an organization. They are even able to put systems in place. I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to use the services of a Virtual Assistant.”

Tom Kunz
Past President of CENTURY 21


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