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Additional Testimonies

"I have tried some marketing efforts in my business on my own and haven't seen many results.  It seemed that it was either too hard to keep up with all my leads or I wasn't able to continue efforts to keep them connected to me to later convert them to sales. 

In just a short time with my E-VAs, I have seen more interested, returning leads than I have ever been able to get by myself. It's so exciting to have them coming back to me out of nowhere and wanting to start working with me.  The way I word and send my marketing now has improved greatly and my business is growing as a result."

- Christopher S Ballenger, President of Ashlar Enterprise

Christopher S Ballenger, President
cballenger@ashlarenterprise. com

Ashlar Enterprise

“I was doubtful when I first heard about E -VAs and what they can do for my business and why I would need them.  After I moved forward and learned that they offer specialized focus and training for my company, I was impressed with what I could hand off and how much more efficient my business became!

Without any needed guidance from me, my E - VA started filling in the gaps where I was missing effort to grow my business.  I started getting more leads than I could keep up with, consistent marketing , a guide to help me stay on track for sales… they not only helped keep me more focused on my daily tasks, but I quickly saw the results!

They are a great asset for anyone looking to grow their business and save time.”

- Mark Elkins, Arazu Property, mark@arazuproperty.com - YouTube Testimony


"We have some amazing employees and thought we could get our database whipped into shape quickly.  The truth is, it took us over eight weeks to get it done because, as it turns out, everyone is busy.  We had the best intentions but getting new things done is always hard.

Knowing what we know now we would have had a E-VA (Executive Virtual Assistant) come in and get it down in a day or two.  Once we made the great decision to move forward with an E-VA they were able to get a great added value message out to our database in 48 hours.  It was not only FAST but so EASY!  We actually didn't have to do anything as the E-VA's knew precisely what to do and did it without any time, effort or direction on our part."
                                                  Jerry Hays -  jhays@kwikkopy117.com


“I don't know of anyone who has extra time.
It comes down to PASSION and PRIORITIES.
If there is no extra time in an owner's capacity, how does he finish all that needs to be done?
A big advantage of a Virtual Assistant is that you don't have to hire or train a new employee. Ramp-up time is so much faster.”

Mike Ratchford - Right PATH Marketing, LLC


"When it was suggested I connect with an E-VA, it made sense, but I didn't have a lot of time to follow-through with initially.  I have already made $12,000 in new sales due to the systems and the networks my E-VA introduced me to.  Amazing! I was busy with a lot of business at the time so I didn't move on it, but then the following weeks I had to try to bring in new prospects… we've all experienced this phenomenon of a roller coaster in business. I knew this had to change.

Once I pulled the trigger and got my E-VA  on-board - she provided simple next steps. I LOVE IT! I told her, “Work your magic.  Make things happen.  I've got too many people to help.”

I'm just so terrible at “systems”.... but I want consistency in my business.  That means systems.  My E-VA  is great at this.  She's saved me so many hours already and because she's SO EFFICIENT,  I'll be getting even more hours in return. Every hour of her work is like 10 hours or more of other people's work.  As she helps me grow my business - she'll find ways to make things even better.

My passion is to help people find what they need and help them get it.  I do that through affordable health insurance, not worry about the details of how I can better get there. How many more lives I could I have helped - and money I could have made - If only I got my amazing E-VA sooner?!


Kevin King - Healthcare Solutions Team
(630) 386-5306



"It took some trust for me to start up executive virtual assistant services, but I am glad I did. There were many things I was missing out on by not having the right systems in place. I'm amazed at the training they receive allowing E-VA to pull things together with minimal guidance on my part! 

Within the first couple of weeks, we had new sales coming in due to the systems and efforts my E-VA was implementing.  We're not only growing our existing business, we're finding more time to work on our non-profit's efforts to rescue and rehab more horses.

These are things we could never get to with our busy schedule without an E-VA.
I'm excited to see what other benefits are around the corner!"

Nancy Swigart
- TheHealingBarn.com
- TheHealingBarn.org


“It became obvious to me that I needed to have a Virtual Assistant when I realized that I could only do so much and my staff could only handle so much. It only made sense for me to have a Virtual Assistant who I could turn projects over to and not have to worry about them.”

Jewel Pendergrass - CENTURY 21 - LeMac Realty

“I do more with one part time VA now than what I could do with a whole marketing/sales department. I am so sold on the certification process through Life Masteries Institute,
I would never contract with a VA who hasn't gone through and invested the time and
dollars to become certified. Sometimes I think they know more than I do about my own business, they are that good. I love that they know exactly what needs to be done so I do not have to manage or direct them and do not have to teach them. They come in and get started right away.”

Mark Boersma - International Speak/Author and
President of www.SynergySolutions.net

“As past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., I lead over 140,000
professionals in over 70 different countries. All top professionals learn that they need to reproduce themselves by leveraging an experienced VA, especially one which has been certified through Life Masteries Institute. I have personally worked with a number of graduates and they are business owners in their own right. Their ability to leverage the 5/30 Grid and Personality Masteries is beyond anything I have ever seen. Amazing!”

Tom Kunz - CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.

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