"I wished I had moved forward with Sales Success nine months ago. It would have helped me close hundreds of thousands of dollars of business faster and would have saved me so much money, as an owner, in hiring the right sales people. I will never hire another sales person without the help of Synergy and their network again. Amazing program!"

David Thompson <david.thompson@proforma.com>


My recommendation to others . . . 'DO NOT WAIT, just take action and go through the Sales Success course!' This course is helping me learn not to procrastinate, to take faster action in all areas of my business and helping me to learn how to generate more leads, convert more of those leads into actual sales, close those leads faster and do it with less work and fewer hours. I wish I had taken this course years ago. One other tip. If you go through this course while you are going through the 5/30 Grid training and ActionVision coaching, it will blow your mind.

Ron Versteeg <ron@teleroseprinting.com>


Forensic Sales Case Study of a National Account "Have you ever had a challenge in closing a large international account? In this case study we look at some common objections and mindsets of very large companies. When we understand natural laws and how they leverage success we see new ways of looking at things."

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