When I first joint Community / Business Partnerships LIVE Events I didn't know how it was going to help grow my business . . . but it has.

Box 7 of The 5/30 Grid says that we should ask for referrals.  Initially I had some fears but when I heard David and Jerry sharing how powerful it was I started doing it.

In a very short time I had five new sales , two of which are some of the largest sales I have ever had.

I was equally encouraged to hear that Jerry heard me share my success story and he started asking for more referrals and he received two large new sales almost immediately.

When you're with a winning group of people all working to raise money for a great cause WHILE growing our businesses at the same time, it's a WIN WIN WIN for everyone!

Now I hear that my written testimony and my recorded success story may be sent out to tens of thousands of people I'm even more excited.

If you're not part of the Community / Business Partnership LIVE Event you'll want to be!

The group started out with five people and even with that small start we're all starting to see business as a result of our efforts.

Erica Cortina
CBS Outdoor

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