Goal / Purpose
Assist business owners and community based leaders to connect on a consistent basis and learn how to INCREASE Sales / Profits and work LESS Hours.

How?  Simple & Easy

Step 1: Select a time to hang out.
Step 2: Select a short (usually 3 to 9 minute)
BOS - Business Operating System video and watch it.
Step 3: Everyone watch the video PRIOR TO getting together.
Step 4: Pass video along to others who might have some interest in the topic and invite to "Coffee Connections."  It can be anyone you know or even don't know. 

There are many topics that interest a lot of people.  The more people who are invited, the more people that show up, the more interesting conversations, the more connections the more money everyone will earn with less time.

1. The " Secret About Time " - 10 Amazing Videos on how to gain more time.
2. Turning our Passions / Life Vision into Dollars
     a. Discover My Life Vision
     b. Connecting My Life Vision to Others and all earning $'s - 7 Amazing videos
3. Community / Business Partnerships Mastermind Seminars - A LOT of short 10 minute and less videos
4. DNA for PEOPLE - Click on the boxes - 8 powerful videos
5. DNA for Business - Videos & White Papers
6. DNA for Life - Over 100 thought provoking / life changing videos
7. White Paper Library - Great for the most committed groups


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