Are we looking to earn a lot more money while
working less? Do we know best how to do this?  
To double our income and reduce the number of
hours we work, in a way, it’s fairly easy.

We need to learn to impact / bring more benefit
to MORE people and do so in far less time
than we are able to do so now. EASY to
understand . . . HARD to do . . .
UNLESS we use Coffee Connections to assist us.

Step 1 : Fill out The Action Card

What action(s) am I not taking which is causing me to earn a lot less money than I should and causing me to work far more hours than I could?
What is my full potential?
Step 2 : Join a Group

There is a number of VIRTUAL Coffee Connection groups which meet weekly. We would love to invite you as our guest to attend.

Monday 5:00 am (pt), 6:00 am (mt), 7:00 am (ct),
8:00 am (et)

Wednesday 3:00 pm (pt), 4:00 pm (mt), 5:00 pm (ct),
6:00 pm (et)

Thursday 8:00 am (pt), 9:00 am (mt), 10:00 am (ct),
11:00 am (et)

Saturday 5:30 am (pt), 6:30 am (mt), 7:30 am (ct),
8:30 am (et)

712.775.7031 Code: 688-592#

Webinar Access:
Step 3 : Start a Group

1. Why are Coffee Connection groups so successful?

2. What is the cost to start / join a Coffee

3. Can I Earn Money From Leading A Coffee Connection?

4. What will be taught or shared weekly?